Random Music Discussion (Actually just a list)

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Just random-taking a break from work and decided I’d list my current top 40 artists (what I can’t seem to listen to enough these days)


2.Claire Voyant

3.Ophelia’s Dream





8.The Shroud





13.Bat for Lashes

14.Funker Vogt

15.Sanguis et Cinis

16.Nenia C’alladhan

17.Santa Hates You

18.Dreadful Shadows

19.Heather Nova

20.Die Laughing



23.Vic Anselmo


25.Lesbian Bed Death



28.Ayria  http://www.last.fm/music/Ayria?ac=Ayri

29.Zombie Girl  http://www.last.fm/music/Zombie%2520Girl?ac=Zombie%20Girl

30.Abney Park  http://www.last.fm/music/Abney%2520Park?ac=Abne

31.The Candy Spooky Theater  http://www.last.fm/music/The%2520Candy%2520Spooky%2520Theater?ac=The%20Candy%20S




35.Pride of Mind

36.Art Cube

37.Brain Hacker


39.Missalina Rei



Where You’ll Soon Find My Other Works

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Everyone knows that Sims 2 is so much easier to create stories with as opposed to Sims 3.  There are millions of pose boxes for Sims 2, and tons of props, mods, and hacks that allow storytellers to really immerse you in their imagined world. Although there are some that would disagree and say that they find Sims 3 quite easy to use for storytelling purposes, I truly believe these are the minority, not the majority. Any who, that’s why I’ve decided that a lot of the stories I plan to write/am currently working on will be illustrated with Sims 2, not Sims 3. The links you see to the right are the stories I’ll do with Sims 3..Dunno when, dunno how long they’ll all take..but someday, at some point in time, those stories will be available for your reading pleasure right here..However, my Sims 2 stories will be hosted here:http://cuddlebugdee.wordpress.com/

Also, I’ve sort of gotten a little obsessed with Pet Society on Facebook since I’ve been out and about, taking my much-needed vacation from the horrors that be in Sims 3, and I’ve decided I’ll be making somewhat of a fan page with little snippets here and there dedicated my little pet Blithe. She’s a real stunner. Ha. That’ll be here:http://blitheraine.wordpress.com/ for whoever the hell is interested in that sort of thing.

Forget all the LJ stuff. I know I said I’d be hosting other stories there, but I’ve decided that I’ll probably just use that LJ as my own little diary, where I can create rough drafts and work through the tons of ideas in my head in peace. Between Myspace, Tagged, FB, and Bebo I have enough sites to keep me constantly confused-better to keep it as simple yet organized as I possibly can, if you know what I mean.

Sort of random I guess, but I do have Ambitions and still have not played it yet. Not because I don’t want to, but because any time I start it up it CTD after the loading screen…Got a little sick of it after the 6th or 7th time. Eventually I’ll try again, but not anytime soon. Actually, I’m a little too preoccupied to try to mess with it right now. Besides, being a stylist does not even include being a tat artist, and I find that rather disappointing, to say the least. It is cool indeed that they included it at all, tho..I know many simmers are loving Ambitions, and I’m sure I will too when I can get it to run properly…But I’ll never be able to completely move on from Sims 2. It’s the one game I have a real devotion to. I get so caught up in that game and the stories I tell within it, and I get so attached to my sims as well.

Enough babble. You have the links-RSS if you want to stay updated.

More from me coming soon-beware. Ha.


Small Taste of What’s Coming

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Hey guys! It’s been so long!

A new chapter of Esoteric Whispers will be up very soon, and I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been working on lately to tide you all over! 😉  As most of you already know, I work on many projects at once. However, Esoteric Whispers, Sinister Spell, and this new book are definitely up there on my priority list!

The new book is titled Novus Opacus. It’s still in rough form and I’ve been working on translating it since I originally wrote almost all of the book in Latin and Greek. The main characters in the story are Calonai, Avaritia, and Yurijah(pronunciations: Cal-un-nay, Ava-writ-ee-ah, Your-eye-uh)

Sit back and enjoy…


I clutched my blanket to my chest and tiptoed out of my bedroom. I’d intended to make a mad dash for Mother, but the intensity of her screams caused me to stop in the hall and shiver uncontrollably. Wild shadows played on the wall by firelight. In my mind I knew the shapes I witnessed were my mother kneeling and the cradled head of my father, yet behind the veil of fear my heart was convinced I was seeing the monster from my dream.

“Mermaids aren’t real,” I whispered to myself, “especially not killer mermaids.” These words gave me strength enough to go to my mother, who knelt with my father in the den, his head in her lap and her tears drowning his mouth and nose. The creaky floorboards gave me away, and Mother looked up at me with anguished eyes, her lips forming a perfect O of astonishment. Mother loosened one of her arms from the back of Father’s head and reached out for me. She did not say a word to me. She did not have to. The fog of fear lifted, only to be replaced with sudden sorrow and dread, for in my mother’s arms there did not lie a sleeping man-though the expression was one of peace-but a dead man. ..My dead father.

Hurriedly, I went to kneel beside Mother and hold her hand. In a daze, I allowed my eyes to fully take on my surroundings. A puddle of water had pooled on the rug. Involuntarily, I began to tremble as I recalled my nightmare, but as I studied the pool of water more closely I began to see that the liquid was red. I gagged as I realized the liquid was my father’s blood.

As if from worlds away, other cries began to intermingle with my mother’s. “Yes,” I thought to myself, “it is only right that the world should weep with us on this tragic night.” Then I realized, as the cries got louder, that they were coming from the nursery. I let go of Mother’s hand, which she immediately placed on Father’s cheek, lowering her head to his shoulder as she continued to cry. Like a zombie my dear friend Hezra had described to  me (for her own mother did allow her to watch and read of such things, and she illustrated these things to me quite eloquently) I made my way to Nimna and Ragii’s nursery.

With one arm, I lifted Nimna to my left breast, and with the other I lifted Ragii to the right. Long after their cries had turned to soft baby cooing, the echo of my mother’s grief played on.


I am my father’s daughter. Some would say I have my mother’s temperament. Others might say I have my mother’s nose. But I have my father’s eyes. I have my father’s passion for music, literature, and dance. There was once a time when I wanted to be like my mother. She wasn’t always the way she is now. In part, I blame it on Daddy’s death. But I suppose much of it has to do with Saevio. When I was a little girl, my mother and I were very close. She and I would play with dolls together, read books together…..

She doesn’t know how he really is, nor does she know the way his eyes watch me behind her back. Lusty. Not like a father. I tell myself every day that in four years I’ll leave this place and never look back.



I opened my eyes to quickly close them again. What–how would I tell Yurija? Prom was in four months. Maybe I wouldn’t go. I opened my eyes and Mother started pounding on the door so I swaddled the stick in paper towels and threw it away. She was screaming, but I ignored her as I yanked open the bathroom door, stalked to my room, and  pulled out my luggage.I began pulling my clothes from my dresser drawers. Mother was silent. I cut a glance at her. Her mouth hung open, a vein in her neck throbbing, as she stared at me with confusion and anger. “You bitch,” I yelled, feeling my fury roll through me. “I’ll not listen to you any more! For I am leaving tonight, and you cannot stop me. I’m to be a mother.”  As she sputtered, the alarm I’d caused her filled me with utter delight, and I continued. “You mean shit to me. I have never loved anyone. Well, no one other than Yurija.” I paused, the mention of his name making me feel a little warm inside, and so I added, “Be not dismayed, Mother. It is not your fault. I have always been this hateful. Perhaps you just never really noticed.”



Tears welled up in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall. When I’d seen the look on her face, I’d been sure at the time that it would be harmless.


I am a fool.


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LOL Well, I know I said that I’d be posting updates and new chapters now that things have calmed down, but my puppy happened to get a hold of the wire that connects my external hard drive to my pc and she chewed it beyond repair! Literally chewed the wires straight from the plug that goes into the wall! I was more worried that she could have been shocked, because it was plugged in at the time, but by the hand of God she managed to only do damage to the cord/wires, and not to herself! This doesn’t mean I will not write stories. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve gotten bored with Sims 3, and I think it would take 50 more expansions before I’d ever feel like it could be compared to/better than Sims 2, or even Second Life or Vivaty or VSide or Free Realms!!! However, I paid good money for it, and for the time being it’s the easiest game to create stories with…though I’m considering creating stories with Second Life, but it’ll be a while! LOL

As for Esoteric Whispers, I can’t do anything until I buy a new cord.

I’ve decided to put off original storytelling, or at least in a way, in place of doing challenges. What I mean is I’ll tell stories, of course, but I’ll be doing a challenge instead of just for fun, ya know? I’ll miss Onamara, but what’s meant to be will be..Ha ha.

Settling back in

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Wow, it’s been such a long time! You’d think by now I would have decided to quit the story and move on, but that is not the case, and I still do plan to complete Esoteric Whispers…Though I’m not sure what I’ll do afterward, as Sims 3 has become very boring for me and the look of it has still not grown on me (other than the scenery). I’ve gone through MEPS and now I’m able to focus on studying and writing my stories again, at least for the next couple of months.

So, perhaps tomorrow I’ll post the latest chapter!

Until then~
All my love,

The Reason for Lack of Updates :)

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I apologize for not updating Esoteric Whispers in so long. First, it was game problems and school. Now, it’s because I have decided to enlist in the Navy and be a Sailor. I have studied obsessively for the ASVAB, and I still have more to study! I intend to finish the story before leaving for boot camp only because I hate to start something and then never finish it, lol. It’s just knowing when I’ll have the time to do so that is the problem, because besides studying, running/working out, and the fact that I’m still in school, my fiancé and I will be moving to TN soon AND I’m planning our wedding! So you could say there’s a lot on my plate now.

And that’s why there haven’t been any updates! LOL

Outtakes (Esoteric Whispers)

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