apology for my absence

I have been going ’round in circles the past few days trying to find a computer that will play all my 3D games well, and it took forever to find this beauty of a desktop pc lol! I am so happy with my new computer! You may not believe it, but you can buy a really great pc at Office Depot and much cheaper than I’ve seen while trying to find a pc online. I did consider building my own gaming computer, but when I saw the power my beast of a pc had to offer I just couldn’t say no! I still need to reinstall Sims 2 along with all the expansions and stuff packs before I can do any updates on my site Sims2Epiphanies, but I have been revising the story on paper for the past few days. As for my Sims 3 story, I plan to get back to work on it first thing in the morning. I am not saddened at all by the fact that I haven’t gotten any comments or anything on my first post..I am sure not many people have stopped by and seen my site yet, but once I have a few stories done here under my belt I’ll start to spread the word around a little more. Until then, I’m just taking it slowly and doing my thing. Just wanted to say I’m back in business baby! lol
Danielle Hoover

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~ by Daylilypetals on 10/11/2009.

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