Useful Things To Know [Sims3]

Just some small facts, etc. that not everyone may know..
Did you know your moodlets are mostly directly related to your traits?
Did you know holding the Alt key while using the hand tool allows you to move objects without them sticking to the grid?
Running the soften terrain tool after shifting terrain up/down smoothes out a rough edged/harsh looking landscape
You can find young Mortimer Goth in Sunset Valley in the Goth Manor on 13 Skyborough Blvd. His traits are artistic, grumpy, and ambitious!
All the available careers in Sunset Valley are as follows:Science, Pro.Sports, Political, Music, Military, Medical, Law Enforcement, Journalism, Culinary, Business and Criminal. As you advance in your career you unlock new socials.
A great trait is Good Sense Of Humor, because Sims with this trait have a much easier time starting a relationship with other Sims, including those with the trait No Sense of Humor. Their jokes also have a greater impact on relationships.
More useful things to know can be found here:
and of course, here:
and last of all, here as well:
have a look around at that last link, as there is tons of stuff regarding Sims 3 that you may find very helpful!


~ by Daylilypetals on 10/14/2009.

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