A Word From The Author

Before going on with my story To The Bitter End, I’d like to clarify some things..First off, the way the story is being told. As you go back to the beginning with Adoria this is NOT pages from the Memory Book she is to be creating for her unborn daughter. Though Adoria is narrating, this is simply all Adoria thinking back. I thought I’d share that with you so you can follow along better. Also, it may seem strange to you that Adoria is creating a Memory Book so close to the end of her pregnancy(literally one day before her expected due date!)-why did she not begin earlier? Later on this will be explained to you.

Sometimes throughout the story I will switch perspectives by going from first person point of view to third person (all-knowing) point of view. To confuse my readers the least bit possible (lol) I will split apart the story when I do this (meaning I will only do this in a “part” of the story, keeping it separate from a part when Adoria is narrating,etc). Get me? LOL  Bear with me..The majority of the time, when I write, I see things in my head like a movie..I’m limited-at least for now-in what I can show you with pictures..There’s things that I want to share with you, and sometimes I’ll only share these things with words…


I had a tough time trying to decide if I should draw out the story of Ibbie and Zef. However, I decided against it. Through it all, the character of Zef is meant to be seen as loving Adoria, though maybe he’s a little naive. I felt that by drawing out his relationship with Ibbie, readers would come to see him in another light than the one I planned for him to be seen in.
Okay, and that’s all from me!
Hope you all will enjoy and keep reading.

Best wishes!
Danielle N.


~ by Daylilypetals on 10/16/2009.

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