Let The Right One In~Låt den rätte komma in



I recently had the pleasure of finally watching this movie after reading the fantastic book some time ago. If you’ve never read the book, then you definitely should! It’s a vampire fiction novel titled Let Me In by John_Ajvide_Lindqvist.  Here’s what it’s about:There’s a boy named Oskar-I believe he’s 12- and he is always getting bullied at school.He meets a girl named Eli who encourages him to fight back. Eli’s a vampire, and in the beginning she has someone who gets blood for her, and I’d rather not go into details here about who or what this man is, but he fails miserably on his last attempt so he disfigures his face with acid so that police can’t trace things back to Eli in any way. He gets taken in and Eli goes to see him, but before she can drink all his blood and kill him he hurls himself out of the window. He comes back as a vampire but eventually gets beaten to death, and when Oskar finally manages to get his revenge on the bully/bullies who torment him, the older brother comes after him..causing Eli to come to his rescue, and they run away together.

Um..yes, I’d consider this a horror novel..lol

The movie actually got widespread critical acclaim, winning numerous awards. I hear there will be a remake, but then again I hear lots of things-like how Monsters will have a part 2 in 2012 (I’m really hoping this is true!!)  The soundtrack to the film is worth listening to as well. It’s composed by Johan Söderqvist. What interested me in the film was not just the fact that I liked the book so much-it was also because I simply must see any movie that wins Tribeca Film Festival awards (It got best narrative). Here’s the official site if you want to have a look: http://www.lettherightoneinmovie.com/

 This movie is up there on my Favorites’s list, right under Donnie Darko. A must-see, in my opinion.


~ by Daylilypetals on 10/22/2009.

2 Responses to “Let The Right One In~Låt den rätte komma in”

  1. Hi there,

    I saw this about 2 weeks ago on DVD.

    Wow, what an eye opener. On first viewing I thought the ending was sweet.

    On thinking more about it, was the Eli recruiting a new helper?

    I love that there are different ways of seeing this one.

  2. Do you know that as I was watching Eli with Oskar I thought several times that maybe she was only using him to get blood for her…Yes, there’s definitely a possibility she needed someone/wanted someone to do that, but I think that she loved him, too. And yes, there’s always more than one way to see anything, and this movie is no exception. I am glad that you enjoyed this movie as well! 🙂

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