So sorry!!!

Well…Looks like I’m finally experiencing the less great side of The Sims 3. My game decided to go nuts on me! lol I’ve had to do a fresh install, which means I lost loads of cc..Not too big a deal to me except that now I’m without many meshes and hairstyles…I do not have it in me to try to recreate all I had done before this happened. I’ve decided to leave To The Bitter End as is…..As for updates here, I’ll post links to my other WordPress stories, etc with the occassional books/ games/ movies/ music reviews. Maybe one day when I don’t have so many projects I will do a little update story on the family…We’ll see.

Anyways, now I’m beginning all over, creating a brand new legacy story. Will post a link here for all who would like to come by and read (when it’s ready)…I’m sad to leave behind my characters…Who knows-maybe I can figure out something…

Only time will tell.


~ by Daylilypetals on 10/24/2009.

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