Boston Terrier Love

Last night our newest memeber of the family arrived, a Boston Terrier I named Suki against my fiance’s wishes! lol  She will be 6 weeks old on the 3rd of November. As soon as I find the cord to my digital camera I will upload some pictures of her. She really is stunning. For anyone who may be considering adopting/getting their own Boston Terrier, I thought that maybe I’d share some info on the breed, so here goes.

Boston Terriers (aka Boston Bulls) are short and well-muscled. They have large eyes that are wide-set with a slightly arched neck and corkscrew tails. Their coats range from seal, brindle and white, brown and white, or black and white. These dogs are very popular in the U.S. and can get along with all types of animals. You really have to be assertive when training them to prevent hostility towards other dogs and you’ll have to have the time and patience it will take to housebreak a Boston Terrier. With Boston Terriers you need to be aware that their eyes are prone to injury and be careful who you get your Boston Terrier from because if they are badly bred there is a risk that your Terrier will have a bone defect in the skull, resulting in retardation. They are normally 10-25 lbs. and are perfect for a dog owner living in an apartment/in the country. You should take them out for long daily walks. They are very easy to groom and you needn’t be worried if you have a mum Terrier, as they normally only have 3-4 pups. If you take care of your Terrier you can probably expect him/her to have a life expectancy of 15 or more years, with the avg. being 13. These dogs resulted from an interbreeding with French Bulldogs and are considered a Terrier only in name. They have mellowed down these days from the pit-fighting bulls they once were in the past. They are part of the Mastiff group. They have strong friendly personalities and they do get along with children well. These are definitely companion dogs.  This breed has been nicknamed “The American Gentleman” because they have a gentle disposition for the most part and prefer to remain by their owner’s sides. They have a high degree of intelligence. Be aware they do not tolerate heat nor the chill, so these are not dogs you can keep outside.

If you are considering adopting/buying a Boston Terrier, this is a little helpful to look at:

No matter what kind of animal you decide to bring into your home and no matter what type of breed you decide on, you should ALWAYS research and know what you’re getting into. Pets need lots of time and devotion, not to mention consistency in their training. Here is a helpful guide for you:

Okay, and that’s that! lol

All that being said, I really have to say I’m enjoying Suki’s company. Pets are such splendid little blessings.


~ by Daylilypetals on 10/28/2009.

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