Sims for Playstation:Things We Never Saw For Sims 2

To be perfectly honest, although I love playing the Sims pc games I’ve always felt that there was way too much missing. Maybe this is because I started out with the Playstation sims games and I did not begin playing the games for the pc until around 2007 or 2008!! Regardless of the reasons, I thought I would share some things with you that I’d always hoped would be made for Sims 2 for pc and yet never were! Urbz was my favorite game. even now I get nostalgic when I think about it. I sold my Playstation and all the sims games, but Urbz is one that I’d buy in an instant were it ever to be made available for the pc!! I loved the many jobs we could do, like the modeling photoshoots. The sims you could interact with had a lot of character, and the socials were hilarious. I really loved heading over to the bike shop, too. Unlike the Sims 2 Apartment Life, where there are social cliques that you can only chat up, in Urbz you could actually join their crew. The clothing was in my opinion some of the best clothing I have ever seen in The Sims. I’d spend hours perfecting just the right outfit to strut my sim around in! lol There was so much color and detail all around and the cartoon-like appearance was by far the best, unlike in Sims 3 where the cartoon appearance borders on creepy realism(again, just my opinion).  I loved performing on the stage and breakdancing to the music on the stereo, and I just loved the whole plot! The music was great, and no game could be more awesome when it combines life-simulation with skateboarding!  I also liked the virtual mobile phone, the stink bombs, the piercing/piercing creator machine, the subway…All of this created an interesting game that I couldn’t stop playing for hours! The ferret job, the rooftop parties, the lofts and apartments…the furniture! How I miss it all! Many people pull things from games and incorporate them into the Sims 2..If I had any know-how, I’d go into the Urbz and do the same!!

Then there’s Sims Pets for the Playstation, and I really have to say that the community lots were wonderful in this game! The ATM Machine, the pet adoption place, the ice cream and coffee kiosks, a fountain to play in-all on the same lot with shops and a vending machine, chess tables, water fountains, and restrooms! I think that the pets looked much better on the playstation version compared to the pets for Sims 2 on the pc,don’t you? I’m not really sure why EA didn’t use the same concept with the ATM Machines and the pet adoption spot, but it would have been nice. Dog shows would have been nice as well, and being able to take your pet in for a bath like on the playstation version instead of having to do it yourself! lol..It’s a shame that in Sims 2 we were never given the ability to go to other people’s homes. I’m actually really sad that EA is done with Sims 2 and we will not have any more expansion packs or additions because there’s so much more they could have done and I believe a lot of people would still be buying what they could for Sims 2 if only there were expansions still being made! Don’t get me wrong, there’s things about Sims 3 that I really enjoy…but a part of me is still crazy over Sims 2 and I find more sentiment in it(and Sims 1)than in Sims 3…How wonderful it would have been if EA had just found a way to incorporate the trait system somehow in Sims 3 and cut out so many loading screens!! For, in truth, those two things are currently my only reason for playing Sims 3 besides collecting gems and gardening! lol The wave machine, where your sims could surf and use a boogie board, never found its way to the pc version. That’s a pity! Moving on, last but not least is Castaway, which is up there on my list of old-time faves. The fact that the hair grew..goodness, but I loved that! I loved scavenging for ruins and tools and ingredients,etc. I loved building the bridges and the rafts,too.

So…while I’m excited about what’s in store for Sims 3 and looking forward to a new way of playing The Sims, I really have gotta say that it’s bittersweet. However, I won’t be parting from Sims 2 anytime soon and I also plan to someday buy all those old playstation Sims 2 games again! I’d always hoped that things we saw in the playstation versions would make their way to the pc version, but some dreams never come

Here’s to The Sims!



~ by Daylilypetals on 11/02/2009.

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