Somewhat of an Update

“Nothing is accomplished without enthusiasm.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello everyone! It’s a shame I do not have a way to continue To The Bitter End because of my graphics card, however I want to let everyone know that I AM in the process of writing out the story of Onamara, which if you remember is Adoria Day’Lee and Zefania’s daughter. The story is only ended temporarily and I do plan to still carry it out through many generations as originally intended. At first, when the game kept crashing, I told myself that I was not going to bother with Sims 3 nor the story any longer, but I found myself missing the characters and wanting to add more depth to what I’d started. My Sims 2 stories are coming along slowly. Several of them I wrote many, many years ago..but I feel they need a few more revisions and I’m also creating a whole new ‘hood to house all of the characters..My self simmie originally created by Drakl0r of Insim and edited by me will be in one of my Sims 2 stories. Here is a pic:snapshot_57fe6342_b7fe64ee

And just as a brief little character preview, here are two more sims you’ll see:snapshot_77fe7661_f7fe7662snapshot_97fe7168_d7fe7169So stay tuned, there’s more to come very soon! And don’t forget, you’ll find the majority of my Sims 2 stories here on wordpress at Sims2Epiphanies!



~ by Daylilypetals on 11/05/2009.

2 Responses to “Somewhat of an Update”

  1. Hi Didi,

    So glad you will continue Onamara’s story!
    Sometimes all you need is the latest driver for the graphic card to keep the game from crashing. Have a look on the web, if there is a dwonload it will be free. 🙂

    • Hey love, so glad that you found your way back! I have indeed updated the graphics card, or at least believe I did. Some say I’m having issues because it’s integrated, but I really don’t see why that would be such a problem if people on laptops with less than what my comp has can play without the game crashing…I am so glad you linked to me and glad that putting the entire name of my site worked out for you, though I would have been fine with you having to abbreviate it in any way you would have needed to. Yes indeed, I do plan to carry on the story of Onamara. I’ve also been considering taking some of my stories I’d planned to do with sims 2 and doing them instead with sims 3, but first I really must get a few things settled, like the video card issue, and then installing Windows 7 and reinstalling all my games, etc, etc..Sometimes I find it challenging to take the pictures I envision in my head for a story in Sims 3-this is all much easier with Sims 2 thanks to pose boxes..But I think with a little imagination and some more reading up on Photoshop, I’ll be able to achieve something close to what I have in mind..or at least I hope so! lol Thrilled to have you back-don’t lose me again! lol All my love and best wishes-DiDi

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