Infu-Master of conversions

I was complaining about the lack of objects to furnish rooms in sims 3 one day on a forum I absolutely adore, BPS, when a wonderful, sweet and helpful person informed me of a creator on blogspot. Lemme just tell you, this person is out of this world! The most beautiful conversions I’ve ever seen, from farm animals to ipods to printers to stuffed animals, this bog has got it goin’ on! If you haven’t been there yet you are missing out on some of the best content I have seen so far for Sims 3! The site is and I give you my word that everything you see there is top notch, grand quality, and you can even make requests as long as you post a link. Who do you know that is great at what they do and will actually fulfill requests out of the kindness of their heart? I’m telling you, I don’t know many people that do that! So if you want some of the best stuff there is to be had here on the net, infusorian is THE place to go!


~ by Daylilypetals on 11/06/2009.

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