Is That Your Final Answer?

Yes, final answer, lock it in! LOL I have been spinning my wheels all day long trying to come up with a decision..It seems that there’s too much about to occur in such a short time that it’s making my over-analytical little brain work overtime..You see, I like to have everything tidy and planned. I feel like everything is happening all at once and it hasn’t even happened yet!! Here’s the thing:World Adventures will be released soon, Windows 7 will be showing up in my mailbox very soon, and if you combine these two things with the fact that I intend to buy a new video card and maybe even up my power supply someday soon as well…My goodness! Though I’m eager to get on with my stories right now, I just don’t think that would be wise. I think a more smart thing to do at this time is to focus on backing up all of my important files and such, and when Windows 7 comes in the mail just do a complete clean install. So, I’ve finally made up my mind that I’ll not be working on the story (at least, not in-game) or any story for that matter until all is settled, because my brain is about to literally explode trying to figure out a way to keep things organized and neat!!!!! Right now, I’m downloading things I’ll eventually need when I begin Onamara’s story. I am saving all these downloads to my external drive plus backing up everything onto disks as well, just to be on the safe side. I really have much to do, and I’ll be very busy with all of it! I’m also going to uninstall all my Sims 2 games next week (I know, I know! Such a hassle! I wish there was an easier way!!) and any other programs that did not ship with my computer…Best to just be prepared! Yes, yes, I’ll still be writing the stories, and I’ll post little teasers, etc. for all of you. Sorry to keep my readers waiting, but it’s my hope that it will prove to have been worth the wait.Well, I’m off to do what must be done tonight and try to ease my anxious mind!

Warm wishes~DiDi


~ by Daylilypetals on 11/06/2009.

One Response to “Is That Your Final Answer?”

  1. You know what REALLY chaps my rear guys? The fact that the Create-A-World Tool will be released NOT when the EP is released but instead in December!! I can’t possibly be the only one in the whole world that likes things easily planned out and organized. There has to be at least one other person out there that feels as if they cannot create a real story with the game until they have all the “parts” necessary.

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