very sick, guys

I planned to post the first part of Onamara’s story today, but my ear is seriously infected and I had to go to the doctor. I was prescribed some painkillers, antibiotics, and eardrops and I have 2 follow-up appointments as well. I cannot hear out of my ear but the Vicadin has definitely made it easier to sustain the pain. I have to take it every 4 hours. I haven’t cleaned or cooked or done much of anything, much less have I played the game or worked on my story-I haven’t even done my schoolwork!  I plan to sleep in for the majority of the day tomorrow and I’m hoping my fiance will be understanding! He is a little spoiled and will probably not understand the pain I am in right now. I’m hoping he’ll be able to wake up and pick up my meds before he leaves for work tomorrow;otherwise my day will be horrible! I drank some vodka after I got back from the hospital-I knew the pain meds would wear off soon (they already have) and I wanted to be sure I could sleep easily. I knew there was something wrong when about a week or 2 ago my ears began to clog up with dark brown fluid, but my fiance is not good at dealing with sickness in others so I complained for a bit and then tried to just keep it to myself, but now I’m being told that if I don’t treat it properly not only am I in for lots of pain but I could go deaf and it may spread to my other ear!!!!! I have horrible sinus problems and I get extremely sick very easily, so I sort of have a habit of shaking off illness because it happens so often, but I think it’s time to start taking this more seriously and time to try to stay on top of taking my allergy meds, etc. I am feeling sort of nauseous and dizzy, and I’m very tired. I am worried that my fiance will not go get the medication I need before he leaves for work tomorrow, and that would mean trying to cope with the pain and the uneasiness again like I did for the past two days..It’s horrible not being able to hear properly. When the doc checked my ear she said she could not see my ear drum because the inside of my ear was so inflamed and filled with fluid.Anyways, I wanted to let my readers know what’s going on because I said I’d be posting the story…I have to go lie down now because I feel sick. Goodnight, and sorry.



~ by Daylilypetals on 11/10/2009.

2 Responses to “very sick, guys”

  1. Take it easy, Didi, and do things in your own time, when you are ready for it!

    Hope you get better soon. And if you don’t, I thinking of you! 🙂

  2. aww, thank you so much. ❤

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