Hey guys! I’m still not feeling well-my ear hurts like crazy and the swelling has not gone down, therefore the eardrops cannot really do their work-looks like it’s going to take quite some time to drain my ear out. Regardless of how I feel tonight, I thought I’d share some random blather with you all-some things I’ve been thinking of all day today while wishing I had the patience to play my game! lol  The Create-A-World Tool has been on my mind since I first heard of it. It looks very complex and I’m actually a little worried. When I tried making a custom ‘hood for Sims 2 with SimCity4 I found it very difficult, despite the many tutorials. If that was hard for me than I can only imagine how difficult it will be to make a world for Sims 3! I always have these visions of what I want to do in my game but the end result always falls short, whether it be creating a sim or building a house.then again, it is my opinion that creating a sim in The Sims 3 that is truly unique is very hard to do. Each time I think I have perfected a sim and made a sim that stands out, I look around on the net and at pictures of my other created sims and they all look eerily similar. Something else that’s been bugging me, and this is not to offend, but it sort of feels as if The Sims 3 was created for very, very young children..Please don’t get angry with me for saying this.It’s only my opinion and nothing more. I just wonder if EA realizes just how many adults play their games. There are many polls out there asking what age groups are playing the games, and the ages of 20 to 50 and 60 years old almost always proved to be the majority. However, EA seems to target the younger crowd, making it more appealing to someone like my younger sister or my stepdaughters, leaving out the adults that play…It’s hard to get that look and feel of maturity I long for when I play the game. For example, sometimes I won’t include very many photos with my story simply because the story is meant to be deep and have meaning, and the photos come out just looking cheesy, like a children’s book! The facial expressions are no help either. I spend lots of time hunting up grungy, ragged, old, and dusty or weathered and worn patterns and objects. I find all the stuff that comes with the game too bright and shiny for my taste. I love the Steampunk sets but they should really consider the masses.There’s plenty of players that would love more grunge, more darkness…more seriousness! At times I find myself wishing that I could find a game just like the sims that’s targeted more to people in my age range. If it weren’t for the cc at places like GOS then I can honestly say I probably would not even play the game. The base game is actually pretty empty, if you ask me. There were more interactable objects included with the Sims 2 base than in Sims 3, which is sad because TS3 was supposed to be a big leap forward, not backward. I’m not trying to complain non-stop, nor am I trying to say I don’t enjoy the game, because I do, I really do. I just have some opinions on it, that’s all. I really hope the tool EA plans to release in December will come with a comprehensive manual. I’d like to make a world all on my own instead of having to download one that tons of other people will have in their games as well. Well, I’m starting to feel nauseous again, and plus George Lopez is on lol. Til next time!



~ by Daylilypetals on 11/11/2009.

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