World Adventures Has Gone Gold

I just recently started seeing the advertisements for World Adventures on tv since I’ve been laying in bed these past few days with frequent migraines and an ear infection. I have to say that the way they have chosen to advertise the game does not make the game look appealing at all, and were my fiance to see one of the commercials he would seriously wonder why I’m looking forward to it at all. I can’t remember the whole commercial, all that really sticks in my mind is a mummy eating at the dinner table with regular sims, which is funny because I noticed the same thing when advertisements came out at stores for the base game, only it was ghosts..So, I guess you could say I’m sort of disappointed..There was nothing exciting or worth oohing and ahhing over when I watched the commercial. It sort of made me a little worried-like what if it turns out to be a flop?  mean, it’s bad enough that we’re getting an expansion pack for a faulty and buggy base game that’s already had to undergo three patches, and the final patch proved to cause more problems for some people than it solved…It almost seems like they’re shutting up those that complain by throwing out new things for us to buy or things to keep the simming community hyped-the EA store downloads, the expansion pack, the Create-A-World Tool…..What is going to be done for the players who have experienced never ending baby births, ghost towns, unnecessary moves, etc.? What about the glitches in story progression? And I definitely understand the people who say that they wish the first expansion could have been something that opened the neighborhood a little more. All those rabbit holes are just crazy! It seems anything worth watching our sims do is off limits! I’m sorry, guys..maybe I’m cranky because I’ve been sick and in pain for days in a row, and I’m still not getting any better…Then again, I think I have a few valid points.Maybe they’ve exhausted their brains with Sims 2, and the sims has gone as far as they can take it..An open hood isn’t really open if almost every community lot is not truly accessible..A short loading time to those who love custom content is a big price to pay when they only have a short loading time because the game can’t really handle cc like Sims 2 could..A lot of what came with the game was just a bare, stripped minimum..Beds, seating, counters, tables, and only 2 pieces of workout equipment, an easel, and a guitar…Maybe I was expecting too much..I thought Sims 3 meant a huge leap..instead, maybe it just meant pudding faces, better lighting, and prettier water..That’s all good for a Sims 2.1 or something I guess…But hey, I’m a simmer, and I’ll stick with Sims 3 and make the most of it. I’ll enjoy the little things I like about the game and chalk all the rest up to experience or something I guess, lol.


~ by Daylilypetals on 11/13/2009.

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