I’m Back

Hey guys! My ear is still a little clogged up but I’m definitely feeling better! Can you believe World Adventures will be released tomorrow!! I’m so excited! lol I read a little excerpt from the official site last night and started coming up with billions of ideas for stories, plus I started working on a pretty neat story about vampires. Sometimes I get an idea and run with it only to abandon it completely halfway through. I have many stories I would like to illustrate with The Sims 3 and The Sims 2, but it can get confusing when you have as many as I do and come up with new ideas too often! However, I am going to try to post the beginning of Onamara’s story later tonight. I plan to have it finished here on WordPress by the time Windows 7 gets here. I tracked it earlier and right now it is in Kentucky-I still have to wait for it to get to Rockport and then be shipped here in Louisiana by my brother-in-law. After I finish Onamara’s story I think I will probably put up the story I’ve been working on…My deadline to have that finished is by the time the Create A World tool is released in December, when I plan to start a fresh new hood of my own and therefore a fresh new story as well. LOL Yes, I can be anal..

I will not be purchasing WA until this Friday because I forgot to set the money aside, so I’ll have to buy it a day after pay day. With all the potential of Sims 3, I’m looking forward to seeing even more outstanding cc and some really well thought out stories in the near future from the siming community at large. Well, I’m going to turn up my Evanescence tracks and get to work.



~ by Daylilypetals on 11/17/2009.

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