I bought WA today. I prolonged playing it because I was so excited once I had it in my hands,and I wanted to drink in every second of playing it! lol So, I came back home and cooked dinner and watched The Ugly Truth with my brother-in-law. Finally, when the movie was done, I sat down and installed the game and the bazillion(okay, only 2)updates. Once I loaded up the game I used my already-created story character Onamara, tweaked her a bit by giving her that photography trait and the Adventurous trait, and switched her faves to Egyptian music and Crepes. Here’s some pics.
Okay so, I set her up in a house (pics of that later) and put her in the Music career, then I sent her on her trip to Egypt.First thing I had her do was check the board for adventures to earn a little Visa.
She accepted the challenge given to her, which was to recover some papers from a tomb.
Once that was completed, I sent her to the Sphynx to explore a little, and to a few pyramids as well.
Aaaand then, she caught on fire…
In no time, her trip was over. Here she is, fresh from her adventure, sitting at home watching romance movies while listening to her favorite tunes.
I really didn’t try to make her house anything special. I just moved her into The Monotone and spruced it up a tiny bit is all, but here are some pics anyway-non edited and walls cutaway lol
There’s a grace period you must take in-between your travels, meaning you cannot arrive home from one travel location and immediately leave again for more traveling adventures, so I sent her out to meet a few of her friends at the diner.
Yep, real exciting stuff. 🙂 What IS funny though is that right as she was walking away to leave, one of her friends scared her from behind, and then as he and the other guy walked off the other guy laughed! LOL Anyways, then I sent her back home, because it was a work night, so here she is entering the house.
Next morning, I got her ready to hit up France!
Mmkay, and after work that day I sent her off to France.
She arrived, read a book…and then..
My flippin’ game crashed! Guess when I’d last saved?
Mhmm..not since after I finished the tutorial..
Go figure.


~ by Daylilypetals on 11/21/2009.

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