Well, today I was going to post Onamara’s story- I have it pretty much halfway completed by now (yes, I’ve been working on it on and off). However, I’ve noticed that not many people- well, actually no one as of late-have been commenting, and I stopped and asked myself if it was even worth posting..It seems I’ve lost all my readers. I keep checking for votes on the poll created here and there’s only ONE vote. I’m asking you guys what you wanna see in between my stories, and no one but ONE person has an opinion?!
I don’t need super popularity…..but I DO need feedback from my readers.
If you enjoy my blog, even just a little, and you liked To The Bitter End and want me to complete Onamara’s story, please sign your name in the comments or something so I know that at least SOMEONE is interested..I’ll tally it up in 3 days time, and if there’s not enough interest I’ll move on to another story-the vampire one I’ve been writing. Also, if you like my style of writing or w/e then please take the time to vote on the poll at the link I provided. There’s an option to give your own answer, so there’s no limits to what you can ask of me!
I write stories for my personal pleasure, but I gather motivation and inspiration from friends like you.
Thank you.


~ by Daylilypetals on 11/22/2009.

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