The Simming Community’s Gossip Tabloid! Chocked Full of Naughty, Gooey Goodness!!

While at the official forums today, I came across a complaint that a site has been talking about members and their stories or creations. Now, with any bit of publicity comes BAD publicity-why, just look at Brit Spears! I mean, all she did was shave her head, and next thing we know the world is claiming she’s off her rocker…Err…
Anyways, this blog is one heck of a fun read, though to some it’s stirring up quite a ruckus, as those featured in the blog in a “negative light” cry out: “I haz rights, you no steal my cookies and let peoplez stick handz in mine cookie jar!”…or something like that…..
While I feel for some of the angry/hurt protesters, I cannot deny that this blog has some incredible imagination behind it, and provides a nice escape for those who want a little juicy gossip and drama, though we have to wonder why comments are turned off and no one can defend themselves against the slaughtering…
There’s even a wonderful search button, in case you wonder if you’ve been mentioned!
The same way we’ll stand in line and read trashy tabloids on all the celebrities…well, this blog belongs in the Hall of Fame among the simming community. It’s an honor when you’re known well enough in the community to be talked about on a blog that strives to rip apart the players and analyze them, for better or worse.
And now, for the link.


~ by Daylilypetals on 11/24/2009.

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