My Decision

My intent for this blog was to share my stories with others and maybe even a little personal stuff as well. I never expected to have tons of readers or anything like that..I only hoped maybe a few people would follow me as I followed them. After completing Onamara’s story last night-which definitely took twists and turns all on its own without hardly any help from me-I sat up for a long while trying to decided what to do. Should I post it? Should I not?
Again, this morning, I fidgeted in my chair in front of my computer..I sat here, staring at the screen, for what seemed like forever. And then, it came to me…Did I ever feel this kind of pressure when I was writing just for the love, for the passion, of it? When it was all for my own enjoyment, and I wasn’t seeking an opinion, I flowed..and I never worried myself over it. I offer these words as advice to writers who are new to sharing their work.
When I first began to consider sharing my stories by illustrating with the use of The Sims is when I began forming a tale of a wild and forbidden city I named Alvidasinea. Well, in truth I’d been working on the story for years..and only just started to consider using The Sims to weave the tales I’d spun..As the characters became stronger with qualities all their own, I did not want to keep my story for myself anymore, and so I told of my story on a site I find a precious and priceless resource with a wealth of wonderful simmers and creative minds alike, Blackpearlsims. However, I got only one response, and though I waited for many days, never a one after that. Immediately, I felt ridiculous. What was I thinking? No one wanted to read about a fake city full of men at war! At least, not by me..And so I crawled back into my shell.
Then, I finally forced myself to start this blog. I told myself I’d start off small and develop a base of readers before diving in deeper, so I looked around to see what kind of stories most of the community responded to. The insane amount of legacies shocked me! I knew I could never abide by all those rules, though. Thus, To The Bitter End was born and Adoria and Zef were formed. Though I was just aching to share my longer stories-my novels full of darkness and gloom(lol), I was too afraid to go that far so soon. Because, of course, I wanted readers…I wanted praise or feedback that could help and inspire me..
Once I went further with the story, I became enchanted by it. Onamara’s story has life breathed into it, and has been a pleasure to write and illustrate.
And this, my friends, is the advice I’d like to share with you, from one writer to another.
When you write, do it for you. Do it because it fills a void nothing else can fill. Do it because you believe in what you are writing. Be confident enough to know that a lack of praise from others shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love the most.
I’ve come to a decision tonight..I don’t know who reads my blogs or stories…and I no longer care, though I’m grateful to anyone who has befriended me here and commented thus far. I said it in the beginning, and I stand firmer by it now-I write because it’s what I love..I write to ease my pain, to heal, to grow, to learn, to mature… experience. I’ll no longer forget that. When I pour my heart into a story, I will not be afraid to share it here any longer, for it’s what I do..It’s what I love. It’s not about comments and praise. I only wish to share. I will give my stories and it will never be done half way-I’ll put my all into it only for the happiness it gives to me. When Onamara’s story has finally been posted up, I will then share the stories I’ve feared sharing before tonight.
While this may not seem like a big decision to some..well, there will be those that understand completely.
To my readers…
To the writers…
Do what you do, baby!


~ by Daylilypetals on 11/26/2009.

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