From The Pages of The Memory Book


I thought I’d never again have anything quite so painful to write here…

I believe that change is coming. I feel it all around me, and it leaves me sitting here wishing I’d never made the decisions that will now surely be the death of me…

Perhaps I could change things, but I don’t think I have the strength to fight anymore…

I know he’ll tell them to pull the plug…To let me die…..

I only hope that he still loves you…I lost his love a long time ago, but I have to believe that you’re special to him, and when the time comes he’ll do right by you…

I wish I could say a proper goodbye but you’re too young to understand…..

I love you, Onamara.

God, how I love you…


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/03/2009.

One Response to “From The Pages of The Memory Book”

  1. AW! I’ve got tears in my eyes reading this…

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