Mini Chapter

A door slammed, and Cat was pulled back to the present, standing there in the kitchen with her daughter.

Despite her disgust, Nastasia whispered to Cat,”What was that?”

“I don’t know. Let me go and see.”

Cat walked around the house and found nothing suspicious. She took the stairs and looked around in the den. Nothing there…..

As Cat made her way to her husband’s bedroom door she heard a car start and begin to pull away from the drive.

Cat opened Fred’s door. She flipped on the light. He wasn’t there.

A car sped off…

And Cat knew.

On the dresser, Cat found her husband’s wedding band.

Without a word or a tear in her eye, Cat slid off her own wedding band, lying it beside Fred’s.

Then Cat left the room. She didn’t run to the window facing the drive. She didn’t peek through the blinds for a glimpse of his headlights in the distance.

Cat simply closed the bedroom door, and headed back downstairs determined to tell the last of the story to her daughter. She’d face the consequences…She’ wouldn’t beg for mercy, nor for understanding.

And she’d wait until she was alone in her room, shadows for company, to cry.


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/03/2009.

One Response to “Mini Chapter”

  1. Yes… this was to be expected. Goodness, they’ve been living with this for all these years…

    Very beautifully written and the picture of the wedding rings is so apt.

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