Chapter 8:The Dive Well

When finally Onamara awoke, she immediately jumped to her feet. She stared in disbelieving wonder at the torch and candle that still shed bright light around her, throwing creepy silhouettes across the brick walls and casting a mysterious glow in the cavernous room. Onamara snatched up her candle and paced the room until she came upon wall where the bricks did not seem to blend as the others did. She pressed her palm into a groove. This time, no bricks rained down on her.She felt rather silly to have forgotten what had happened the last time she’d found a wall similar to this one, yet she was beyond relieved that the wall merely slid upwards and gave her entry to yet another enclosed space…

This room was rather small, and at the ends of the narrow captivity were what appeared to be wells. Onamara walked to one of them and looked down into the clear blue water. Then, with a huge smile, she drank greedily, scooping the cold water to her mouth with cupped hands.

Placed right between both of the wells was a chest. Onamara opened it, and found a key-a real key this time, though an old skeleton key made of heavy brass.

“Now what?”, she wondered aloud. But no matter how hard she searched for a groove in the walls or a hidden door, she continued to come up with nothing..even after several inspections all throughout the room.

Then Onamara shrugged. “To hell with it,” she said to herself, and with that Onamara jumped into the well, having decided she was probably terribly filthy and could use a good rinse….

Onamara was shocked by how deep the well seemed to be.

They say curiosity killed the cat…..

Onamara took a deep breath and swam down.


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/05/2009.

One Response to “Chapter 8:The Dive Well”

  1. Love the pictures of her jumping in… so funny.
    Can’t keep myself from smiling and eager the read the next chapter!

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