Chapter 9: Prisoner

Onamara never reached a bottom.

Instead, Onamara came up through a strange tunnel that the well had been interconnected to.

When she made it to the end of the tunnel, her head broke through the surface of the water and she gasped for air, devouring it like a starved creature.

Onamara did not know how long she’d been held prisoner in the cellar…

All she knew as she stared at the door right across from where she was treading the water in the well was that she may just have finally come upon her means of escaping.

Onamara climbed from the well and shook herself like a wet dog. Then she pulled the key from her bra.

In her heart, she knew this had to be it. There were no more stone keys. This was the only other key there’d been.

She didn’t allow herself to think of the possibility of there not being any key to escape. Instead, she pulled back her shoulders and lifted her head, determined to be brave and optimistic.

She slid the key into the lock and turned.

A click..

She turned the knob…and opened the door to see grass, the moon, and a sidewalk.

She didn’t look back as she ran from the confines of the cellar.

When the sidewalk ended, Onamara stooped over. She could hardly breathe.

She began to hyperventilate once she realized that she’d come full circle and was now right beside Pierce’s estate.

Crying and struggling to breathe, she spotted her scooter parked in the grass nearby. Should she chance it?

Did she really have a choice?

Pierce’s property was truly enormous, split into many levels that were divided by gravel paths. Onamara would have to run right by the living room window and pray for the best. She didn’t know if she’d make it, but she knew she had to try.

Right around the next corner…That was all, and then she’d be at her scooter’s side, and she could get away. Not much farther, not much farther now, ignore the pain, ignore the aches, just go, go, go!

Almost there…

There! Now go! Go!!

Even when Onamara had long since passed Pierce’s estate, she pressed her feet to the pedals and continued to drive. She drove until the sun came up in the sky and enjoyed the warmth spreading through her bones, diminishing the chill. She let the breeze play with her hair, and smelled the air as if she’d never smelled anything as wondrous. Onamara didn’t know where she was going, and at that moment she didn’t care. She just drove.


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/05/2009.

One Response to “Chapter 9: Prisoner”

  1. Good for you, Onamara!
    I’m just a little disappointed she never found anything that belong to Adoria. But maybe, Pierce was just lying when he said he had some things.

    She looks great on her little vespa!

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