Chapter 11:When I Think I Can Forget You

Four years had passed, and still Damon thought of Nastasia every day. Everyone he’d asked had said they didn’t know where she’d gone. Even Cat told him she didn’t know, and that she just wanted to move on. Damon couldn’t understand it.

“Alright guys, that sounds good. We’re done for the night.”

All his band mates cheered. Damon pulled off the strap to his guitar.

“Don’t forget-tomorrow at 6 a.m. That’s our last rehearsal before the gig.”

With that, Damon walked out of the theater.

Walking home, Damon looked at the people around him; people in the parks and in front of the stores on the strip, talking and laughing.

When was the last time he’d laughed?


The day after the band’s gig was his going-away party.

Damon was leaving for Utah, where he’d found a job that would enable him to be financially stable. Besides, an adult can only live at home with Mom and Dad for so long…


Damon lugged his two suitcases and his guitar with him to the bus stop.

How many times had he and Nastasia sat here together, catching the bus to the library or to Silverbucks for a frap? He could remember her sitting here with him, surrounded by a throng of others….

….Sitting close enough to her to smell her coconut shampoo.

This was the year.

The year he’d planned to give IT to her…Now, he pulled IT from his pocket to gaze at it once more…

The bus pulled up to gather the passengers. Damon left it there on the bench behind him. He didn’t look back as the doors slid shut.


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/06/2009.

2 Responses to “Chapter 11:When I Think I Can Forget You”

  1. Oh dear… I didn’t expect this.
    And he just left it at the busstop… an artist would do such a thing, I suppose. But it feels like throwing it away.
    I’m intrigued.

  2. Yes, artists can be wasteful, eh? lol
    Blame it on him not having the frugal trait.

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