Chapter 12:Let Him Go

This chapter has been edited, as have a few others, to clear any confusion about Onamara’s whereabouts. Special thank you to Moondaisy for finding my typos, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Onamara leaned forward in her seat so the taxi driver could hear her over the blaring Ozzy he was thrashing his head to. She’d stopped worrying abut him not watching the road, and she actually was having a good time. Who didn’t like Crazy Train?

“It’s that theater right there, do you see it?”

“Yeah,”he shouted. “I’ll pull in.”

Onamara’s face smashed into the passenger seat’s back as he swerved into the parking lot and pressed on the brakes.

“Thanks,” said Onamara as she rubbed her nose and handed him the cash she owed.

“Sure. Got my card?”

“Yep,” said Onamara as she patted at her bra. He nodded and waited for her to step out before burning rubber and zooming back towards the highway. After almost busting her nose, she figured she wouldn’t be needing the card anyhow.

It felt strange to be back. She didn’t know why, of all places, she’d asked to be dropped off at the theater. However, it was easy to see that no one was there.

She walked to the place she’d called home before she’d known the truth…Cat’s house.

No one was there. Cat’s car wasn’t in the drive and no lights were on. Onamara looked for the key under the welcome mat and was glad to see Cat had never noticed that she’d planted it there four years ago.

Onamara let herself in. She didn’t indulge in looking about her, walking down memory lane. She headed straight for Cat’s bedroom.

When she got to Cat’s room, she took Cat’s entire jewelry box and stuffed it into a purse that she yanked from Cat’s closet. She was digging through Cat’s clothes to find some outfits to take with her when she happened to come across a shoe box that was left open in the corner of the closet. Onamara picked it up. It was full of papers. She unfolded them and saw it was a handful of papers that Cat hadn’t given to her with the other pages from the Memory Book. A picture fluttered from between the pages to land in her lap. I was extremely small, but she knew right away who was in the picture.

An old picture, very faded and blurry.

Onamara tucked it back between the pages, then shoved it all into the purse along with several shirts and jeans. She also grabbed a pair of socks and tennis shoes. As she was heading out of the bedroom, a notepad lying on the bedside table caught her eye.

It read:  Zacarias Greaves




He must be related to her father!

She snatched the paper from the table and ran to the trails that were located only minutes from Cat’s.

She was so anxious about the number she’d found, she completely forgot to lock the door.

Onamara got to the trails and stopped to catch her breath.

She looked down where the trail split off in two directions.

Ironic, thought Onamara. That’s exactly where I’m at in life…at some fork in the road. I could easily choose to go back there…I could wait for Cat, give up this journey I’ve been on..Of course, I’d never feel the same about her again, but I could pick my life back up and try to forget all of this…

Or, I could keep going. I could find my mother’s family and find out who I really am…

Onamara thought a bit longer. Then, she pulled out the cellular that Florentine had given to her. She said the digits aloud as she dialed them…

9 1 2 4 3 3 0 9 8 6

*Ring, ring, ring…

Onamara began to breathe heavily.


“Uh, uh..uh..hi. Um. Hello!”


“Yes, uh, is this…”,Onamara looked down at the paper in her hands, “is this Mr. Zacarias Greaves?”

“The one and only!” Zac frowned and plugged his ear with his free thumb as a siren wailed from somewhere down the road.

He’d just been about to get into his car after a long day and night at work. He was ready to recline in his massaging Lay-z-Boy, eat a tv dinner, and watch CSI.

Zac frowned again, but this time because of the silence on the other end.

“Hello?” He was getting annoyed.

Onamara had started walking as the phone had begun to ring. She now found herself in front of the tanning salon on Gossamer Drive. The trails weren’t far behind, and she was thankful she hadn’t walked off too far, seeing as how she’d accidentally left her purse.

“Uh, could you hold on a sec?”

“What the-you called me! Who is this?”

“Please, just one second!”

“Alright then. But hurry up!”

She covered the phone to cover up her desperate gasping for breath as she raced back to the trails to get her belongings.

Was she out of shape or just nervous?

Finally, she said,”Mr. Greaves? My name is Onamara Greaves. I’m the daughter of Adoria and Zef Greaves…”

“Oh my..”

“I was wondering if maybe you wouldn’t mind if I came by? There’s so much I’d like to know and…”

“Definitely, definitely! I mean hell, you’re family! And my brother..God…I still can’t believe he’s gone…”

“I’m in Cali..”

“Yes, yes, I know. Or, I mean, I know that’s where Zef and Day were staying.I live in the Upper East Side, Sussurate Mesa. It’s in Sunset Valley. Do you know where that is? I can text any directions you need to your phone.  ”

Onamara laughed. “What’s so funny,”asked Zac.   “Oh, nothing,”she answered as she shook her head and tossed Zac’s number in her purse. “I know the basics of where you’re at, and I’ll call you when I reach the Mesa. I’m leaving now, if that’s alright.” “Yes, okay. Perfectly fine.”

When Zac and Mara had hung up, she stood there for a bit before calling for the taxi.

She’d needed money and clothes, but that hadn’t been her real reason for coming back..

Four years, and she still felt horrible for the way she’d left Damon. He’d been her best friend, though she’d always wondered if maybe he’d liked her in more than just a friendly, platonic way.

It was time to let him go, for good. She couldn’t change the way things were now.

It was time to let go of her past and stop wishing things could have been different.

She whispered the words she’d never been able to say to him.

“Goodbye, Damon.”

She was glad this taxi driver was quiet. It let her watch in peaceful silence as, for the second and last time, she left the only place she’d ever called home…

“Goodbye, Damon. Goodbye, Fred…wherever you are. Goodbye Cat and Marie, Chloe and Hannah…Jesse and Celeste…”

“Goodbye Cali.”


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/06/2009.

2 Responses to “Chapter 12:Let Him Go”

  1. Oh, I was so hoping she would find a little box by the busstop, but she didn’t even go there, did she? Besides, it’s probably long gone.

    I was a bit shocked at Onamara taking Cat’s jewellery, but I suppose that woman owes her a lot more than that!

    This is one all mighty quest! Up to the next chapter. I wonder whether uncle Zac looks like Zef.

  2. Nope, she never does go to that little bus stop…I’m pretty sure in Cali-no, anywhere- a diamond ring can’t sit on a bench without drawing some attention. No doubt, it is long gone! lol

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