Chapter 13:Forgive

The door was unlocked when Cat returned from her trip to the grocery store.

Unnerved, she immediately pulled her cell phone from her pocket and called Marie.

“Marie, someone was here.”  “What,Cat? What are you talking about?”   “I’m talking about my door being unlocked.”  “Are you sure you didn’t leave it that way,Cat?”  “Come on, Marie, when have I ever been that careless?” A pause, and then Cat said,”Well then you have two options. You can either stay on the phone with me while you go inside, or if you’re really worried you can call the police.”  “Just stay on the phone with me,”said Cat. She walked into the house, flipping on lights on her way to the kitchen.

“Everything’s fine downstairs, but I haven’t checked the second and third floors yet.”

Cat did a full scan of the house. Everything appeared to be fine, aside from the door having been unlocked.

“Call me if you need me,”Marie said as Cat told her goodbye.  “Will do,”she answered back before snapping her phone shut. She put away the groceries and prepared herself a salad coupled with red wine for dinner.


Cat couldn’t sleep despite the fact that she’d downed the entire bottle of wine.

Cat couldn’t sleep, because Cat couldn’t forget…

She recalled the half empty bottle of vodka she’d set in the cupboard just last week. Was it still there? She could really use it about now.

She went to the kitchen to locate the bottle.

Cat took the bottle and ditched a glass to swig a mouthful straight up. She carried the bottle with her to the dining table, but she didn’t sit down.

This space always felt tainted, she thought..If these walls could talk….


Marie pulled Onamara’s files for the umpteenth time and sat down at her desk. If anything, it was her only connection to Onamara. Reading over her thoughts and such somehow helped Marie to feel close to Onamara.

As she read, she thought to herself..

‘She’ll never be able to forgive us. Not me, not Cat…And we don’t deserve to be forgiven…

But I couldn’t betray Cat! She was a patient, yet I sympathized with her grief and her pain…She’s my friend!

But I betrayed Onamara…How could I have done that to her….’


She’d never have the pleasure of experiencing the power of forgiveness….She’d thought when the truth finally came out, she’d be able to feel relief..She’d thought the guilt would go away…but now she’d never see Onamara again, and the guilt was still lodged in her chest.Sometimes, it made it hard to breathe.

Marie read Onamara’s files late in to the night.

Like Cat, she was haunted. She couldn’t sleep.


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/06/2009.

One Response to “Chapter 13:Forgive”

  1. That makes perfect sense! I’m glad they have a conscious at long last… “even though they are used to the stench fo guilt and regret to the point where they can’t smell it any longer.”

    I hope they will try and locate Onamara. Try and help her. Surely Cat for one must have know Zefania had a brother…

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