Chapter 14:Liars

Under her dark veil she wrung her hands.

“Why are you so pale today?”

“Because I made him drink of stinging grief

Until he got drunk on it.”

-taken from Under Her Dark Veil, by Anna Akhmatova


He’d once slept on this bed. That’s what Zac had told her. He’d hung his clothes in the bedroom’s closet. He’d risen in the morning and pulled the curtains back from the window. His skin had touched these very sheets, his feet had crossed along this rug…

He’d once eaten at this table. Said grace, head bowed and fingers twined. He’d once laughed and said,”pass the gravy”…whiskey sloshing in his glass..That’s what Zac had told her. He’d once brought her mother here, who’d sat in that very chair..He’d sung her praises and looked at her beneath long lashes, eyes full of adoration…..

She’d had to get away. She couldn’t bear to think of her father, the way he’d once been. How could a man seem so in love, and then turn around and be so cruel?

She’d wandered outside, where a river flowed. She sat there a while alone to think..

Night had come and she’d been given her father’s room..A murderer’s room, she thought. Sleep would not come, for a chill had accumulated in the air. She stood by the window where her father’s telescope still sat. She heard voices…maybe her mother’s? The night seemed endless. The pain returned..

Her uncle had offered her a place to stay, a place to call home. With nowhere to go, how could she have refused?

But she spent her days away from that house, roaming in and out of various shops on Main..

The house took on a presence, a personality all of its own. It was the embodiment of her father and all he had been..all she saw him as now..

In the living room, the walls whispered..

Zac’s wife had known her father.

She’d tell Mara that Zefania had been charming and handsome…humble, even…She said he’d been fragile as a teenager, always picked on and used..

Onamara began searching for her family using the old computer in her father’s room.

There had to be other relatives…Relatives that had seen her father’s true nature.

Surely, Zac and his wife Deanna were liars.

Could they truly be so naive to think her father had been so sincere and genuine, so kindhearted and gentle?…..Liars.


“I know he’d be so proud of her now, Zac. If only he was still here. If only he could see for himself what a beautiful woman Onamara has grown to become. It’s so unfair, the way his life was taken from him…”

“I know, honey,”Zac said softly as he rubbed the knots of tension out of his wife’s back with loving care. “But I’m sure he’s looking down on her now and watching over her…like a guardian angel.”  Deanna smiled as she pictured Zefania as an angel at his daughter’s side.

“Where do you think Onamara is all day?”, Deanna asked him.

“I imagine this has all been a lot for Onamara to take in, love. We have to give her time to adjust. Besides, she’s a little too grown up for us to question her, don’t you think?”

Deanna laughed. “Yes, I know. I was just wondering…”

“Let’s not worry about it. In fact, we should be grateful to have the house to ourselves….”

“Oh, Zac.”


Every day she searched. Every day she hoped. And still, nothing. She wanted to ask her uncle, but she was afraid of giving the impression that she was in any way ungrateful..There was also the way he spoke of his brother, her father…It made her feel tormented inside..She could not carry on a conversation with him without hearing about her father…..

She was getting depressed..

She was zoning out in the middle of everyday tasks..In the middle of mingling with others, she’d pause and lose her train of thought..

Some days Zac or Deanna would find her, just standing in the hallway or the kitchen..Spacey and withdrawn.


“Onamara, I may have found you a job at the post office!”, Zac called out as he came into the house.

“Why,”Onamara called back,”do you want me to save my money and move out? Or is that you wish me to pay to rent?”

“No, no, er..I just thought it would do you some good…Never mind then. You’re old enough to choose where you want to work anyway..ha ha…”


“We have to talk. I’m not sure what I may have done to make you become so melancholy and melodramatic..”


“I’m only speaking the truth-”

“You don’t know the first thing about speaking the truth!”

“Time out, time out Onamara. What on earth are you saying to me?”

“I’m saying that you’ve been lying to me. I’m saying you know my father wasn’t some decent human being, and I’m saying you know he let my mother die!”

“What? What are you talking about, Onamara? Your mother had cancer! You couldn’t possibly think that has anything to do with your father!”

“I know exactly what was wrong with my mother-she married a louse like your brother! She could have done so much better I’m sure, but that ass took her far away from home and her family and friends, got her knocked up, and cheated on her all the time!”

“They loved each other! Your mother and your father were in love! And your father always wanted what was best for your mother, and I know that without a doubt! He told me how he told her to have an abor..uh..*ahem…”

“I already know, Uncle Zac..He told her to have an abortion..When she said no, he left her..And when she got sick again, he cheated on her..He could have told them to save her, but instead he wanted her to die! He never loved my mother! Only if she was perfect, if she was healthy, then he loved her! He wanted my mother dead so he could go on with his selfish life, and he even gave away his rights as my father! Come here, and I’ll tell you something you probably didn’t know. Come on, Uncle Zac, don’t be afraid…”

‘Your brother was nothing but a man whore. He was filth…trash that belonged in a gutter..Scum. He didn’t deserve my mother, and I’m glad he’s dead.”

“Don’t say things like that! Don’t say things you know you don’t mean! My brother was a good man, and you should have more respect for your father’s memory!”

“Ha! don’t make me laugh, Uncle Zac! I read my mother’s journal..”

“Wait, you have her journal?! Where is it? You have to give it to me!”

“Huh? Why the hell would I give it to you? Why would you even want it?”

“I..Well..Uh..Have you read all of her journal?”

Onamara cocked a brow. “There were pages missing when I was given her journal. I think I have them all now, but I haven’t read all of it just yet…What the hell is your deal?”

“Onamara, listen to me. You have to give me that journal!”

“No way, go to hell! My mother wrote it for me!”

“I don’t give a shit who she wrote it for-Zefania was supposed to send it to me! There’s too much damn evidence in there! I know there has to be! He was such a wimp, he didn’t want to dishonor her damn wishes..he never read it..I told him I would, and then he never sent it..somehow you wound up with it..I have to have that journal!”

“Evidence? What in the FUCK is going on?! What are you talking about?!”

“Just give me the damn journal!”

“No! It’s not even here! And even if it was, you can’t have it-it belongs to me! I always knew you were all fake..phony..liars! I don’t know what the hell your problem is, but I promise you this, I’m gong to find out what you’re trying to hide, Uncle Zac..and if you had something to do with my mother’s death, I’ll make you another promise:there won’t be police, there will be no investigating…No..I’ll kill you. I swear, I will. I will fucking kill you.”

“Get out! Get out of my house, and don’t you dare come back!”


Zac felt dirty…

“Hey hun, didn’t you hear me calling you?”

“Yea,sorry, I’m in the shower. Could you get me a towel?”

“Sure. Where’s Onamara?”

“She left. She moved out.”

“But why?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, babe. Could you just hand me the towel?”


“Goodbye, Uncle Zac…

for now…….”


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/07/2009.

3 Responses to “Chapter 14:Liars”

  1. What on earth is the matter with the men in the Greaves family?
    This doesn’t sound good… not good at all for Onamara. And she is still in Equi… I wonder when she will explore the ‘Upper Side’. Is that where her mother’s relatives live?

    This story is full of suspense! Can’t wait to read more…

  2. Lol, yes she’s already in the Upper East Side now, where her mother’s relatives are all supposed to live. However, she’s still a way off from them and isn’t sure where she is supposed to go. The town is very large. It’s divided considerably as well.
    As a background (what I have sketched out so far about my fictional Sunset Valley) the town is diverse but it is divided by status. The poor vs. the common class vs the rich vs the powerful. Her search leads her around in an obstacle course…a maze of twists and turns throughout the town.

  3. That is a great idea to work with! You’ve created a new world… 🙂

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