Chapter 16:Sybilline

This chapter is dedicated to Clairezy and Dlegrow, for their helpful advice, their praise, their instruction, and their kindness.

I thought as I lay there, with my head against that table leg, and my eyes dimly discerning the gray square of the window, that I was enclosed in the oak-panelled bed at home ; and my heart ached with some great grief which, just waking, I could not recollect. I pondered, and worried myself to discover what it could be; and, most strangely, the whole last seven years of my life grew a blank ! I did not recall that they had been at all.” -from Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Sybilline:Prophetic/Oracular[alternative spelling of Sibylline]

“Just tell me what it is that you have so I can leave.”

“It’s a letter…a letter from your father, Onamara. I thought you should read it. I know the letter could show you how my brother really felt about your mother, and I know you don’t understand but he really thought he was helping her…”

“You’re all sick. Just give it to me. I feel like I can’t think properly in this damn house.”

“By the way, Onamara, Deanna seems to think you haven’t tried to turn me in. Why is that,”he asked with a sly smile.

“You know why. I hardly have a case, now do I? Though if you insist on always speaking so openly, maybe I should start bringing a recorder with me, hm?”

Zacarias laughed darkly as he handed her the letter.

“Don’t bother ringing my cellular again, Uncle. I’m changing the number. I want nothing more to do with you.”

“Have it your way, Onamara. Bye bye now.”

“Hun, I thought I’d seen Onamara pulling out of the drive as I was pulling in. Was it?”

“Yes, dear..she was just telling me to tell you thank you letting her stay here for a while. She’s decided to..uh..move..or something. She won’t be coming back.”

“Oh..that’s really a shame. I enjoyed her being here. As long as she’s happy, though, then it all worked out for the best I’d say.”

Onamara stepped into the hotel lobby. It really was quite beautiful. She paid over $100 a night to stay in the hotel, but the money wasn’t coming from her pocket…Her dear Uncle Zac had been putting aside large chunks of his wife’s money. He did everything online. Onamara assumed he was saving it for something rather large..As of yet he hadn’t noticed that Onamara had gotten her hands on his account number, all of his information, and his money.


It was one of those rare nights. One of those nights when Deanna could think straight, and those were Deanna’s worst…When she could think clearly, she knew she was making a grave mistake by not turning in her husband…She knew his heart must be black and cold to have helped his brother with something as cold-blooded as murder.


“Yes, Deanna baby?”

“I..I..why did you do it?”

“Why did I do what, dear,”he asked as he took off his reading glasses and laid the newspaper he’d been reading aside.

“Why did him?”

“Help who?”

“Your brother, Zac. Why did you help your brother kill his wife?”

“Do we really have to go over all this again? Just fucking drop it!”

Deanna watched as a grotesque look came over her husband’s face. Clarity gave way to doubt and denial.

“No, of course not. It’s still early, and maybe we could..well..”

Zac smiled. “Of course, dear.”


Onamara had been sitting outside, here in this spot, for hours..The words contained in the letter had left her with nothing more than repulsion and befuddlement.

She looked back down at the letter to read it yet again with tears of anger flooding her eyes…

My brother,

How long has it been! Too long! I wish I could write you and tell you that I’m happy and that my life with Adoria is going well.

But I don’t know what to do. She’s very sick. I’ve already left her once, and it was hell to get her to take me back..Well, I didn’t really leave her, I just fell for someone else-we weren’t together at the time..but still…..

If I were to be honest, I’d tell you that my love for her comes and goes, and when it’s present I am so sincere when I swear to her that I’ll do better, that I’ll change..that I love her..

But what’s honesty?

She’s sick, and she may not ever get any better.

Especially not now that she wants to have the baby.

She has times when she feels well, looks well even. But her sickness is always there, lurking and waiting to take her away from me.

I can’t raise a child on my own!

And the mortgage payments are so high…her hospital bills so expensive..

It all leaves me in a state of madness!

This isn’t the life I envisioned for myself. Please brother, you have to help me!

She’s made me her sole beneficiary.

You and I could have all we ever dreamed of having and never got.

I do love her, I do..I think..

I have an idea, and we’ll be coming out to see you and Deanna soon..something I want to fly by you..

I hope you’ll help me. It’s only right that she not suffer, and only right that you and I have our chance to prosper!

Your brother-

Zefania Greaves

Had her uncle thought this letter would help her understand?

Revolted, she tossed the letter and let the wind sweep it away.


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/08/2009.

3 Responses to “Chapter 16:Sybilline”

  1. That letter is evidence… Why would Zac give it to her? Why did Onamara let the wind take it? Can arsenic be found when a body is exhumed… not after over twenty years, I suppose.

    This story has turned so dark…

  2. That letter very well may be evidence…But Zac was challenging Mara-daring her-to try to do something about it. The blunt way in which he did it just proved to Mara what she had already worried over:she had no real case against him…It had all happened too long ago..The letter would not make a difference. As she tosses it into the wind, she’s revolted. She realizes then that Zac knew the letter wouldn’t change the way she felt-he was just shoving it in her face that she had nothing against him..she couldn’t do anything.
    Glad you ask such good questions, as it allows me to explain things I may not have included in the story. When I write, I literally in, write it all on paper..I go into extreme detail, and when I post the story here I cut a lot out.
    Yes, the story is turning dark. It’s actually my style to write things like this…Of course, it was wiser to start my story with rosy colored glasses on. I was afraid of scaring off potential readers! lol

  3. Mara must feel totally and utterly helpless and very frustrated!

    The darkness in the story does not scare me, rather intrigues me. You write extremely well. It’s an art to move your readers’ imagination, to make them wonder about the tragedies which befall your characters and their (moral) responses. 🙂

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