Chapter 17:Captured


(Author’s note: If you get confused, it’s okay! You’ll find some parts where there’s not much detail as to what the main character,Onamara, is doing. It’s all brief and rather vague, as you’re only supposed to maybe get little hints here and there. Make your own assumptions if you wish, but rest assured that I’ll not keep you hanging much longer! 🙂  ) 

“When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite.” – Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) 


It’s like living in a waking dream, when your conscience knows you’re awake but you’re between a state 

of utter turmoil and despair and nothing’s on the other side waiting for you there.. 

It’d been another coherent day when she’d called Onamara. Another day of feeling guilty..If only Deanna knew just how many in Onamara’s life were swallowing down that same nasty taste.. 

But she didn’t know…..All Deanna knew without a doubt was that the signs were all there, and if she didn’t get her act together, she just may wind up like Adoria. Deanna didn’t want that. Deanna didn’t want to die, even if she was the only one with any concern over her own life..her own welfare. She’d been blinded by love, or maybe she’d just been plain stupid,but now Deanna planned to fight back, play dirty…get even.. 

“Onamara stayed the night last night, Zac. I thought of telling you when she arrived last night, but you were fast asleep. Since I’m leaving for work, I figured I should let you know she’s in her old room.” 

“What the hell, Deanna? How could you let her come here after everything that’s happened?” 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I really have to go. I can’t be late, bye!” 

Prepare a dull breakfast of cold cereal and milk and sit in front of a tv screen 

eyes can’t adjust to what’s in a waking dream…… 

“Has Sleeping Beauty gotten enough rest?” 


“Why yes, I have! Thank you!” 


“Enough, Onamara! Why are you here?” 

“Oh, Uncle Zac, don’t be angry…No hard feelings, right? We’re family. We may as well act like it, huh?” 

“What the-” 

“And anyways, I have somewhere to be today, so I’m just going to grab something to eat and head out, ‘k?” 

I travel a path not many have traveled and sleep in a bed of needles 

Brain stays cloudy, filled with dread, cobwebs, spiders and beetles….. 

“I know what I’m doing,” Onamara whispered to herself. “And I’m not afraid. When I enter this gate….when I walk into this building, there will be no turning back.” 

“In this room, you will be trained, Mara.” 



Too easily defeated by these ghouls and things… 

“Up, Mara! Up! Try again. Do better this time! You cannot just lie there afraid! Up!” 


“So much to take in at once,” Onamara muttered under her breath. “Is this seriously the only map? What if I get lost!” 


Deanna handed the papers to Onamara as she lugged her things to her car. “Aren’t you coming,” Deanna asked Onamara from the doorway. “Go on, Aunt Deanna. Just please don’t forget to call me when you get there.” “Sure, Onamara.” Deanna softly shut the door behind her as Onamara stood in the entryway of her uncle’s home. She just wanted to look around one last time. 

Deanna, too, paused before her car door..A mental image, a picture from a moment in time, flashed before her eyes. 

It had all been a lie. Deanna realized that now. The love she’d felt and thought she’d been getting in return had all been nothing more than mendacity….. 

Another mental image….. 

It had been meatloaf…She’d found it odd when she’d arrived home and seen that her husband had taken the time to put dinner together for her, but she’d been silently grateful nonetheless..That had been the first night that the sweats and constant migraines had started.. 

She’d called Onamara, her mind shadowed with suspicion. She’d asked her to stay the night..No, she’d begged her. Oddly enough, Onamara had agreed and had stayed in her old bedroom. 

That night, when Zac returned from his business meeting he’d supposedly been called to at the last minute, he’d asked Deanna, “Aren’t you coming to bed?” 

“Yes,”she’d answered. “I just need to go over some files before bed. I totally forgot about them..big case..You know how it is..” 


“You can’t be timorous, Deanna,”Onamara had said. “I know a place you can go to. You’ll be safe there. I’ll call them now, and you can leave no later than tomorrow evening.” 


“Too slow, Mara! Run faster! Faster!” 


Onamara looked in the mirror. She tucked a stray hair behind her ear. She looked at the crows’ feet developing at the corners of her eyes. Wasn’t she a bit too young to look so old? She stared at her reflection harder. Was this really the face of a woman determined to become a killer? 


“Thanks Davie,thanks Hank. That was really something.” 

“Aw. Nah, it wasn’t nothin’. Nothin’ but a recipe Hank’s daddy passed down. Gotta say though, them green beans with that bacon..Oooh wee!” 

Onamara laughed as she stood from Hank and Davie’s dining table and pushed in her chair. “The two of you have been infinitely gracious, inviting me over for dinner every night.” 

“Well, you know, you’re the one who introduced us to that martial arts instructor.” 

Davie leaned over and kissed his better half and said,”Yeah, the flexibility classes worked wonders.” 


“You guys are the best. I really better get going now, though.” 

“Alright then, Mara,”said Davie.   “Come back anytime,”said Hank. 

Onamara walked by the light of the moon back to the hotel. 

It wouldn’t be long before the sun would rise, and when it did, Onamara would have a big day ahead of her..A big day indeed. 

San Juan


The house loomed before her like a brilliant brute enclosed in a murky haze. 

There was a small moiety of the innocent girl Onamara had once been somewhere deep within. It cried for her cried for truth…it yelled out for redemption. 

She held on to that tiny piece of her for sanity. 

But the rest of Onamara’s psyche..the rest of her very being had become apprehended by something dark and fierce.. 

There could be no liberation without a price being paid. 

Her very soul had been taken captive… 

She’d become the epitome of the rapacious vulture…Death awaited and she intended to be the dealer of it this time.. 

She owed it to her mother. 

She owed it to herself.


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/11/2009.

4 Responses to “Chapter 17:Captured”

  1. Oooh, this is getting intensely weird! Love it!

  2. Wow! I’m making a few guesses in my head. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the author’s note introducing this chapter.
    I’m glad Deanna is getting away, but I hoped she would go to a hospital for analysis and proof of what her husband is doing to her. I hoped she would alert her colleagues, enlist their help.
    Because if she doesn’t Onamara will turn into a killer… like her father, like her uncle. I’m sure Adoria would not have wanted that.

    Somehow I assume this is not the way it will go…

    Thank you for a wonderful afternoon reading, Lilydee! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to find out what happens next soon…

    Bug hugs!

  4. Deanna is not just getting away! 😉
    Deanna has some tricks up her sleeve, just you wait and see!
    *Hugs Back
    Thanks for coming by, always a pleasure!
    ❤ Lily

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