Create A World:IGN Changed The Due Date

I was very shocked today to see that IGN changed the due date for the Create A World tool to just “soon”! I’m also shocked that even now, EA hasn’t given us any new info on the tool…They have not even told us how things are progressing, and them not announcing an actual date other than “some time in December” has started to cause quite a few feathers to be ruffled.

Waiting on this tool has been horrendous and hazardous to my health! LOL I have put off certain things, not wanting to have to start over in my game because I chose not to wait for the tool. I do not just play the game-I create stories with the game…therefore, it’s kind of frustrating to have to put aside what I love to do simply because I am waiting for a tool with no actual release date!

Luckily, I foresaw the drama and pre-edited my photos for Esoteric Whispers. I also sketched out the main points of the story in comic book fashion on paper, so the story shall go on whether I play the game or not. It’s the eagerness of wanting to get a start on my newest projects that is being hampered down is all.

I can only hope that we will not have to wait until the holidays are too near for its release. I would imagine many of us would not have the time to enjoy the tool if that happens:spending time with our families, getting in last minute shopping, etc.

Well, all we can do is continue to wait, my friends. Wait and see what happens…that’s all…..


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/16/2009.

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