CAW..and Sims 2 Nostalgia

Today EA released the Create A World Tool (aka CAW). Shortly after its release, a simple guide was also available for downloading. I tried my hand at it for approximately 3 hours before deciding I’d rather wait for nice player-created worlds to available for downloading! lol

Although with a little patience and practice I’m sure I’d be able to get the hang of things, I couldn’t help but miss the simplicity of creating hoods for The Sims 2. I never created the SC4 terrains themselves, but it was rather easy to find a nice one online and customize everything to my liking. While I see some great possibilities now being open to us with the new tool, I cannot help feeling that if your Photoshop skills are anything at or below mediocre then you may as well not only learn to create worlds, but also learn how to use Photoshop. All in all, it makes for a challenging (and rewarding) experience that’s bound to be time consuming. I don’t have that much time to dedicate to something like that, what with all my stories I’m working on and all my school work combined with my everyday tasks! lol I’ll leave it all in the hands of the professionals!

Once again my nostalgia for Sims 2 has reared its head. For the second time since purchasing Sims 3, I am re-downloading and re-installing all of my Sims 2 games. I’m still working on all of my Sims 3 stories and there’s enough space on my computer to keep everything installed at once, thankfully. I just really miss reputations, memories, and the quirks that Sims 3 seems to be lacking. Even with something as powerful as the CAW tool, the Sims 3 still lacks too much to hold my attention or captivate me for any long stretch of time. I’m also extremely disappointed in EA these days. The Santa hat they’re offering with the catch of spending a ridiculous amount of money is pitiful. They’ve begun to sink to an all new low. It’s one thing to provide bang for a buck-it’s another to milk the consumers with rip offs and phony advertising and ask them to sign and agree to outlandish EULAs.

Maybe one day soon (before it’s too late) EA will get their act together. If not, I’m more than content with never purchasing another EA game/product.

In any case, the CAW tool is bound to draw back some of its former players, as many had turned from Sims 3 to Sims 2. We’ll see how long it lasts…

Sims 3 has great potential..but EA is quickly running it into the ground.

That’s all from me, guys. You can expect an update on Esoteric Whispers within a week or so. I have some extensive Vet Assistance studying to do for exams and a couple essays due. When that’s all finished and I have the time to finish some small touches I’ll post Chapter 18.

Happy Holidays!


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/17/2009.

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