I’ve Given Up

I’ve complained a lot about Sims 3 and its many patches. Today, I’ve laid it all to rest by giving up on The Sims 3. Maybe one day EA will learn how to improve the game and will provide updates that are not game breaking. The money I’ve invested in the franchise makes me sick, especially now that my game is not playable. I’ve spent many days trying to resolve the issues, and this is not the first time I’ve been fed up with it, but it will indeed be the last.

Besides, I paid money for all those Sims 2 eps and sps, for what? To have to buy them all over again for The Sims 3? Gimme a break. That base game was so bare! For the third edition/revision, that’s not what I’d been expecting. Yet I was willing to just overlook EA’s money hungry ways, that is until the patches became so ridiculous.

I’m installing sims 2 and I can promise you it will not be uninstalled again for Sims 3 until EA gets their shit together.

It really doesn’t help at all that my fiance and I have become more like resentful, bitter roommates. We both feel burdened by one another and I think we are both at a point where we are wondering if there’s something more out there for us. Though we care about each other, perhaps even still love one another, I’m not sure where our relationship is headed now. We both see things in each other we failed to acknowledge in the start, and we aren’t happy about it. We want two very different lifestyles….

And so, with that on my plate plus trying to fix problems in a game that the people who made the game cannot even seem to fix has worn me down considerably. With Sims 2 I always knew that if something was wrong with my game it was more than likely a corrupt cc download.

I also feel that Sims 3 keeps getting more and more faultily coded/programmed, and the eps are bound to eventually wear down even the best of the pcs out there. I don’t have money to keep upgrading video cards, etc. just to play a game.

Like I’ve said before, I have all the pictures and stuff for my story, so it is safe here on my drive, and the newest chapters will be up soon.

For the first night in about a week, I’m going to lie down and watch tv instead of fiddle with Sims 3 trying to solve the unsolvable.


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/21/2009.

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