Update..No, not a chapter

Well, I’ve been playing Sims 2 since the latest patch for Sims 3 caused millions of issues. However, I’ve been keeping an eye out for fixes and workarounds, and tonight I came across some things that I think will be useful. To even consider playing again I may have to lower all my settings until I get a new card and more RAM though. I’m worried how this would affect story pictures (if it could be edited to look even halfway decent or not)…..So I’m tossing the idea around and will try to come to a decision by tomorrow, early in the afternoon…By then I’ll be done studying for my 2nd vet exam and I’ll seriously consider what I should do…The next story is sort of important to me, and I don’t want to be too bothered with hassling with files and corrupted saves, etc. Photo quality is important, too. Seems like an easy enough decision, but I can’t help but to tackle it the same way I’d tackle any other..lol.  I’d kept the game on my pc up until today, before I saw the latest creator-made fixes/mods and workarounds..I uninstalled it and was like,”Guess I won’t be playing THAT for a long time”…I have to say that writing my stories keeps me sane, as does The Sims. Being a stay-at-home fiance and student at times leaves me with NO time on my hands, and at others leaves me with TOO MUCH time on my hands! It helps to have a hobby/passion on those too-much-time-on-my-hands days. However I just don’t have the patience to spend weeks on end trying to sort out the mess that has become Sims 3.  If these workarounds prove useful, I’ll be grateful. I must admit that the loading times with Sims 2 have begun to wear on my nerves! LOL I swear to you I spend an hour waiting for it to start, several hours in Bodyshop or CAS, and even more time creating the hood..not to mention all that I had to do just to have an empty, clean hood! Goodness, the lengths we will go for our damn video games! 🙂

I haven’t had the opportunity to upload the latest chapter for Esoteric Whispers, what with the holidays and my fiance being off work. When he’s home, it’s not very peaceful! lmao He’s loud and whatnot..Combine that with my studies and such and I’ve been pretty preoccupied.

So, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

That’s all folks.


~ by Daylilypetals on 12/28/2009.

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