LOL Well, I know I said that I’d be posting updates and new chapters now that things have calmed down, but my puppy happened to get a hold of the wire that connects my external hard drive to my pc and she chewed it beyond repair! Literally chewed the wires straight from the plug that goes into the wall! I was more worried that she could have been shocked, because it was plugged in at the time, but by the hand of God she managed to only do damage to the cord/wires, and not to herself! This doesn’t mean I will not write stories. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve gotten bored with Sims 3, and I think it would take 50 more expansions before I’d ever feel like it could be compared to/better than Sims 2, or even Second Life or Vivaty or VSide or Free Realms!!! However, I paid good money for it, and for the time being it’s the easiest game to create stories with…though I’m considering creating stories with Second Life, but it’ll be a while! LOL

As for Esoteric Whispers, I can’t do anything until I buy a new cord.

I’ve decided to put off original storytelling, or at least in a way, in place of doing challenges. What I mean is I’ll tell stories, of course, but I’ll be doing a challenge instead of just for fun, ya know? I’ll miss Onamara, but what’s meant to be will be..Ha ha.


~ by Daylilypetals on 02/08/2010.

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