Where You’ll Soon Find My Other Works

Everyone knows that Sims 2 is so much easier to create stories with as opposed to Sims 3.  There are millions of pose boxes for Sims 2, and tons of props, mods, and hacks that allow storytellers to really immerse you in their imagined world. Although there are some that would disagree and say that they find Sims 3 quite easy to use for storytelling purposes, I truly believe these are the minority, not the majority. Any who, that’s why I’ve decided that a lot of the stories I plan to write/am currently working on will be illustrated with Sims 2, not Sims 3. The links you see to the right are the stories I’ll do with Sims 3..Dunno when, dunno how long they’ll all take..but someday, at some point in time, those stories will be available for your reading pleasure right here..However, my Sims 2 stories will be hosted here:http://cuddlebugdee.wordpress.com/

Also, I’ve sort of gotten a little obsessed with Pet Society on Facebook since I’ve been out and about, taking my much-needed vacation from the horrors that be in Sims 3, and I’ve decided I’ll be making somewhat of a fan page with little snippets here and there dedicated my little pet Blithe. She’s a real stunner. Ha. That’ll be here:http://blitheraine.wordpress.com/ for whoever the hell is interested in that sort of thing.

Forget all the LJ stuff. I know I said I’d be hosting other stories there, but I’ve decided that I’ll probably just use that LJ as my own little diary, where I can create rough drafts and work through the tons of ideas in my head in peace. Between Myspace, Tagged, FB, and Bebo I have enough sites to keep me constantly confused-better to keep it as simple yet organized as I possibly can, if you know what I mean.

Sort of random I guess, but I do have Ambitions and still have not played it yet. Not because I don’t want to, but because any time I start it up it CTD after the loading screen…Got a little sick of it after the 6th or 7th time. Eventually I’ll try again, but not anytime soon. Actually, I’m a little too preoccupied to try to mess with it right now. Besides, being a stylist does not even include being a tat artist, and I find that rather disappointing, to say the least. It is cool indeed that they included it at all, tho..I know many simmers are loving Ambitions, and I’m sure I will too when I can get it to run properly…But I’ll never be able to completely move on from Sims 2. It’s the one game I have a real devotion to. I get so caught up in that game and the stories I tell within it, and I get so attached to my sims as well.

Enough babble. You have the links-RSS if you want to stay updated.

More from me coming soon-beware. Ha.



~ by Daylilypetals on 06/20/2010.

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