Chapter 7:Like One That Withers

Chapter 7

Onamara’s eyes opened of a will of their own. With no real rational logic she surveyed her surroundings. She realized she was on her back, and so she made a move to stand, but pain shot through her legs and raced up to her spine. Onamara began to feel panic swell within her. She suddenly saw vivid images in her mind’s eye of what had transpired and bile rose to her throat as she recalled the bricks falling and the intense weight she’d felt crash upon her.

Ignoring the pain, Onamara brought herself to her feet. She could only presume how she must look, and in fear of scaring herself she decided not to examine her injuries that were bound to be abundant. Looking around, she was pleasantly surprised to see that the candle Pierce had shoved towards her mere seconds before locking her in the dank cellar was still aglow. Filled with relief, Onamara yanked up the candle and turned to face the damage that had been done.

A shaft of light shined through the hole in the wall where the bricks had come crashing down. And still, the darkness reigned and made it impossible to know where this hole might lead were she to follow the spectral light in. Onamara knew she had no other choice. Tentatively at first, and then with growing courage, Onamara stepped into the hole and into the light…

Walking into what she assumed had been  the center of a well hidden room, Onamara twirled around in a full circle until something caught her eye. It was a pile of rubble against a far wall. Why she felt that it hid some other exit or entry to another undiscovered room could very well have had something to do with the fact that a pick axe lie near the pile of rubble, and it looked as if it had been chipped at, though perhaps not at any time in the past few years,for the axe itself looked quite ancient and slightly rusted. With no other intent other than survival, Onamara snatched up the axe and began to chip away at the rock.

Onamara did not stop until all the rock was cleared away. She couldn’t even if she’d wanted to. Her craze to escape intensified by delirium, hunger, thirst, and the natural instinct to survive pushed her. On and on, Onamara came down heavy upon the rocks with the old axe, and in what seemed like nothing more than moments she’d chipped away and unearthed a small hole that had just enough room for her to wriggle her way out..

Onamara found herself in yet another room. Strangely, there were candles lit and placed beside large, bulky statues that lined the walls. For a moment, Onamara was afraid that Pierce would come out from the shadows where perhaps he could have been lurking and waiting. She stood quite still for a very long time. There were no noises to alert her and soon her fear died away. Whatever or whoever had been here was apparently gone, and Onamara needed to concentrate on finding a way out of the cellar that was fast becoming a maze threatening to enclose her at any given moment.

Onamara walked farther in to the expansive room, and noticed a chest in a corner of a far wall near a lovely statue of a woman. She crossed over to it, her curiosity piqued.

Onamara felt weak, dizzy, and tired, but something outside of her being pushed her towards the chest. Then, Onamara was lifting the lid. Though her vision was blurry, she was able to make out several stones cut into various shapes. Onamara looked around and then she saw it-there was a door with chains, and on the chains there was a lock. The lock did not appear to need any sort of key, and then Onamara vaguely remembered something Pierce had said to her…something about the doors and the keys…saying the keys needed were like no kind of key he had ever seen…Onamara looked back down at the stones, then glanced back at the door. Forcing her eyes to focus, she then saw the small insert near the door, shaped like… one of the stones she’d just seen in the chest! She gathered the stones to her bosom and raced toward the door.

It was easy to tell which stone needed to be placed in the insert as each stone was of a different shape, and only one would obviously fit in to place..

When the chains, along with the lock, fell from the door, Onamara breathed a sigh of great relief, for the candles had begun to die out..

Yet she was slightly disappointed when she realized yet another door stood between her and freedom. She quickly ran back through the door she’d just come out of to gather the stones she had hastily left back behind door number one. Exhausted as she was, the stones began to feel heavier and heavier as she crossed to the new door she’d stumbled upon. She had to bend now to lug the stone up and lift it into place. Her muscles were aching and crying out.

Again, she witnessed the chains and lock both fall from the door. As she crossed the threshold her stomach growled fiercely.

*Sigh…Another room.  Onamara had to squint to see. The only light was produced from a torch on the wall, and its light appeared to be steadily fading. She could not hold her eyes open anymore, and her knees began to tremble. Onamara sank to the ground and leaned her head against the wall.

She’d just rest here for a while..                    .Just for a while..

She had no idea how long she sat that way and slept. She only knew when she’d opened her eyes that it was time to get moving if she was ever going to make it                out of  that hell hole.  Onamara searched, now pretty sure of what she must look for.   Yes, there we go.                Another door………..

Rinse and repeat.

Onamara was getting angry. Who the hell had built this damn cellar!

Once she realized there was no insert for one of the stone keys at the door, she saw the strange markings on the floor. She stooped down to run a hand over it, and she heard a noise. It sounded like the door had begun to creak open a fraction…Ah! Motion, maybe? She tried it again, but no luck…Without really knowing why, she stood on the strange markings. The doors parted, but the chains did not fall away. So Onamara decided to think outside the box, and she pulled one of the large statues until it was covering the markings on the floor, and…Surprise, surprise!

Damnit! Just another room! Onamara couldn’t help it, she stamped her foot down in irritation. Great, this room was much darker than the last. Onamara didn’t know whether to weep or tear out her hair and yell….

She lay on the floor for another nap, mostly to forget the pains of hunger that were tearing apart her insides. If she ever made it out of that cellar, she was going to head straight to the nearest home and beg for a hot meal! Hell, even if the first home she came across with the only people in it was Pierce’s! Okay, maybe not..That would be pathetic, wouldn’t it? Spend all this time trying to get free, and then waltz right back in to the dragon’s lair.     Ha…. Onamara laughed, but it sounded more like a whimper.

She thought about how flowers die without proper nourishment, and how like flowers all humans in essence are…How we all shrivel up and wither away without the sunlight or the rain. Tears fell and she made no effort to hold them back now. Would she end like a dying flower, would her ending be that tragic? She curled up in to a fetal position and let all the pain flow forth, tears falling that threatened to drown her in misery.

Then she fell asleep.


One Response to “Chapter 7:Like One That Withers”

  1. Lol, what a feisty little madam chipping away at those rock with that pick axe all in her glam dress and high heels. (And to think made a remark about her outfit when he first saw her…)
    I don’t have WA and found this really interesting.
    This is a great story!

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