For Newcomers/Site Revisions

Hello, and welcome to my little blog. If you are here to read the stories of Adoria Day’Lee and Onamara Greaves and do not know where to begin, you’ve come to the right page! I have tried to make the site easy to navigate, however I have a disorganized mind sometimes and what seems methodized to me could very well appear cluttered to others. Therefore, I made this page for easy site reference. The story begins with Adoria, and in my sidebar you’ll see Story index in red lettering.

Click on the link next to Part 1/Adoria’s story. This will direct you to an index with the chapters in chronological order.

When you’ve finished all of that, click on the Part 2/Onamara’s story link located under Story Index there on the side of my blog.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!

Happy Reading~

Lily (DiDi)


4 Responses to “For Newcomers/Site Revisions”

  1. I have seen the “copyright” widget on a few blogs, how did you add it? I really want one for my story blog…just in case 😉

  2. When you go to your blog’s dashboard and edit the appearance by adding widgets there’s an option to drag the Text widget to your side bar. Drag it there and then enter your text.

  3. thanks!

  4. No prob Bean! Did you check out the latest chapters?

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