Link to my LJ/I’m Back!

Sorry to anyone that has been awaiting a new chapter of Esoteric Whispers! I’ve been obsessed with Pet Society on Facebook like you wouldn’t believe! lol But I’m back now! I know, it’s been forever! The upcoming chapter is just about complete!! So check back often.

Thank you.

EDIT:I’d also like to state here what I’d already touched on in my About The Writer section:

For a while, you’ll see photos in a story that all look different(i.e. different processing/different hues/saturation and tints, etc.)

I am currently experimenting quite a bit with editing my photos, and once I get the hang of setting the mood through lighting, etc. you will see more consistency.

For now, I simply ask for patience photo-wise.

To read my stories, click the chapter under the book title you’d like to go to.


5 Responses to “Link to my LJ/I’m Back!”

  1. Love the new Look! Much easier to find all your chapters now!

  2. Thanks Bean! Dlegrow and Clairezy from the Sims 3 forums have been so amazing and kind-they told me of ways to make the site easier to navigate, and now I love how organized everything is! lol

  3. I made a 1″ X 1″ Grid in PENCIL.. then I added the streets, water, and everything else.. i did mine BY HAND then scanned it in! Also, IntentionalEyes, if you’d like you can become part of Team Riverside! LOL (Tht means you can help by making lots,sims,etc)
    Just remember NO CC OR MODS!



  4. I’m still not entirely sure how laying out my wordpress blog works haha.

    • Let me know if you need help with anything! I’d have no problem at all with offering some advice or suggestions, though I’m definitely not a pro or anything.

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