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When I do what I do

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Sometimes people will tell me that they’d like to read my story, but that there are not enough pictures or that the paragraphs are too long, etc.

When people tell me things like this, I picture myself when I was 4 years old, looking at pretty pictures in pop-up books and never caring if the book was upside down.

People want you to make it easier for them..and to a point, I’m willing. However, take a look at some of the greatest books ever written and you’ll see loads of text and long paragraphs. Not to say I’m on that level of writing. Only to say, instead, that it’s where I draw my inspiration.

If you’re looking for a comic book or a picture book, my blog will not contain any of this. If indenting will help your eyes, hey, I’m more than willing! Yet I am not a writer that needs tons of pictures in every story and wants short chapters with tiny little paragraphs. If you want to READ, then I think you may be in the right place.

It’s the power behind the words……That’s my opinion. If I can use words to make you think, make you feel, make you visualize something with room still left for imagination, I’ll have achieved my purpose, my goal..

So here

are indentations.

But be warned.

They may not always make their way in.

I’ll proofread until my eyes feel like they may just pop right out of my skull. I’ll edit and re-edit a thousand times. I’ll spend weeks, months, years on a story to make reading it worth your while.

But please understand, at the end of the day, I’m merely an amateur writer.

And at the end of the day, I just want to write…

So if my chapters aren’t up to par on “prettiness”, I hope my writing will allow you to forgive me..

And if not…

There’s tons of stories on the official Sims 3 site you may enjoy.

Update..No, not a chapter

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Well, I’ve been playing Sims 2 since the latest patch for Sims 3 caused millions of issues. However, I’ve been keeping an eye out for fixes and workarounds, and tonight I came across some things that I think will be useful. To even consider playing again I may have to lower all my settings until I get a new card and more RAM though. I’m worried how this would affect story pictures (if it could be edited to look even halfway decent or not)…..So I’m tossing the idea around and will try to come to a decision by tomorrow, early in the afternoon…By then I’ll be done studying for my 2nd vet exam and I’ll seriously consider what I should do…The next story is sort of important to me, and I don’t want to be too bothered with hassling with files and corrupted saves, etc. Photo quality is important, too. Seems like an easy enough decision, but I can’t help but to tackle it the same way I’d tackle any  I’d kept the game on my pc up until today, before I saw the latest creator-made fixes/mods and workarounds..I uninstalled it and was like,”Guess I won’t be playing THAT for a long time”…I have to say that writing my stories keeps me sane, as does The Sims. Being a stay-at-home fiance and student at times leaves me with NO time on my hands, and at others leaves me with TOO MUCH time on my hands! It helps to have a hobby/passion on those too-much-time-on-my-hands days. However I just don’t have the patience to spend weeks on end trying to sort out the mess that has become Sims 3.  If these workarounds prove useful, I’ll be grateful. I must admit that the loading times with Sims 2 have begun to wear on my nerves! LOL I swear to you I spend an hour waiting for it to start, several hours in Bodyshop or CAS, and even more time creating the hood..not to mention all that I had to do just to have an empty, clean hood! Goodness, the lengths we will go for our damn video games! 🙂

I haven’t had the opportunity to upload the latest chapter for Esoteric Whispers, what with the holidays and my fiance being off work. When he’s home, it’s not very peaceful! lmao He’s loud and whatnot..Combine that with my studies and such and I’ve been pretty preoccupied.

So, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

That’s all folks.

Merry Christmas!

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Happy holidays to all!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas! Be safe and be happy!

Love ya guys!


I’ve Given Up

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I’ve complained a lot about Sims 3 and its many patches. Today, I’ve laid it all to rest by giving up on The Sims 3. Maybe one day EA will learn how to improve the game and will provide updates that are not game breaking. The money I’ve invested in the franchise makes me sick, especially now that my game is not playable. I’ve spent many days trying to resolve the issues, and this is not the first time I’ve been fed up with it, but it will indeed be the last.

Besides, I paid money for all those Sims 2 eps and sps, for what? To have to buy them all over again for The Sims 3? Gimme a break. That base game was so bare! For the third edition/revision, that’s not what I’d been expecting. Yet I was willing to just overlook EA’s money hungry ways, that is until the patches became so ridiculous.

I’m installing sims 2 and I can promise you it will not be uninstalled again for Sims 3 until EA gets their shit together.

It really doesn’t help at all that my fiance and I have become more like resentful, bitter roommates. We both feel burdened by one another and I think we are both at a point where we are wondering if there’s something more out there for us. Though we care about each other, perhaps even still love one another, I’m not sure where our relationship is headed now. We both see things in each other we failed to acknowledge in the start, and we aren’t happy about it. We want two very different lifestyles….

And so, with that on my plate plus trying to fix problems in a game that the people who made the game cannot even seem to fix has worn me down considerably. With Sims 2 I always knew that if something was wrong with my game it was more than likely a corrupt cc download.

I also feel that Sims 3 keeps getting more and more faultily coded/programmed, and the eps are bound to eventually wear down even the best of the pcs out there. I don’t have money to keep upgrading video cards, etc. just to play a game.

Like I’ve said before, I have all the pictures and stuff for my story, so it is safe here on my drive, and the newest chapters will be up soon.

For the first night in about a week, I’m going to lie down and watch tv instead of fiddle with Sims 3 trying to solve the unsolvable.

The Latest Patch

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There’s some that play Sims 3 or Sims 2 rarely. They view it as a small hobby and not a passion…Then, there’s the people that love The Sims…..The people that look at it as a creative outlet. People like me, that spend hours every day using it to create stories or to just put a smile on their face.

The Sims 3 has done anything BUT put a smile on my face lately…

The patches EA keeps releasing always cause too many problems, and unfortunately if I want to play WA I am forced to use these game-breaking patches. That means all that I do in my game goes down the drain with every patch. It never fails. My game becomes borked and I have to spend precious time searching forums and websites to figure out what to do. It’s a game, you shouldn’t have to be so damn computer savvy to figure out how to make it play!

I’m so disappointed in the direction this game is headed. EA is so damn money hungry! A patch to allow us to shop in the game? What for? All the EA content friends gifted to me got deleted because of this damn patch!

It’s so depressing to see a game I once loved get run into the ground this way.

Those are my thoughts. I just thought I’d share them.

CAW..and Sims 2 Nostalgia

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Today EA released the Create A World Tool (aka CAW). Shortly after its release, a simple guide was also available for downloading. I tried my hand at it for approximately 3 hours before deciding I’d rather wait for nice player-created worlds to available for downloading! lol

Although with a little patience and practice I’m sure I’d be able to get the hang of things, I couldn’t help but miss the simplicity of creating hoods for The Sims 2. I never created the SC4 terrains themselves, but it was rather easy to find a nice one online and customize everything to my liking. While I see some great possibilities now being open to us with the new tool, I cannot help feeling that if your Photoshop skills are anything at or below mediocre then you may as well not only learn to create worlds, but also learn how to use Photoshop. All in all, it makes for a challenging (and rewarding) experience that’s bound to be time consuming. I don’t have that much time to dedicate to something like that, what with all my stories I’m working on and all my school work combined with my everyday tasks! lol I’ll leave it all in the hands of the professionals!

Once again my nostalgia for Sims 2 has reared its head. For the second time since purchasing Sims 3, I am re-downloading and re-installing all of my Sims 2 games. I’m still working on all of my Sims 3 stories and there’s enough space on my computer to keep everything installed at once, thankfully. I just really miss reputations, memories, and the quirks that Sims 3 seems to be lacking. Even with something as powerful as the CAW tool, the Sims 3 still lacks too much to hold my attention or captivate me for any long stretch of time. I’m also extremely disappointed in EA these days. The Santa hat they’re offering with the catch of spending a ridiculous amount of money is pitiful. They’ve begun to sink to an all new low. It’s one thing to provide bang for a buck-it’s another to milk the consumers with rip offs and phony advertising and ask them to sign and agree to outlandish EULAs.

Maybe one day soon (before it’s too late) EA will get their act together. If not, I’m more than content with never purchasing another EA game/product.

In any case, the CAW tool is bound to draw back some of its former players, as many had turned from Sims 3 to Sims 2. We’ll see how long it lasts…

Sims 3 has great potential..but EA is quickly running it into the ground.

That’s all from me, guys. You can expect an update on Esoteric Whispers within a week or so. I have some extensive Vet Assistance studying to do for exams and a couple essays due. When that’s all finished and I have the time to finish some small touches I’ll post Chapter 18.

Happy Holidays!