Part 10 Continued

Zef’s shoulder’s slumped with Adoria’s words. Would she never be able to forgive him? He shook the thoughts off and tried to be positive, not able to accept defeat..not yet.  Adoria’s eyes turned glassy and she doubled over, obviously in terrible pain. “Adoria?”  “Quick Zef, you’ve gotta drive me to the hospital!”, she managed to pant out. Quickly, Zef raced to the bedroom and found the keys where they were usually kept on the dresser. Asking no questions, Zef scooped Adoria into his arms and raced for the car.


Zef could not sit still. Over and over he paced in the waiting room until a young looking nurse came towards him with a mouth/nose covering in one hand and a blue plastic robe in the other. “Zefania Greaves?”, the nurse asked, facing Zef. He nodded briskly. “Your wife needs you. Would you like to come in?” Zef smiled, overwhelmed with pleasure. “I’d like that very much.” “Right this way then, Mr. Greaves. Oh, and put these on, please.” Zef complied zealously and followed the nurse down the long corridor reeking of bleach and foul, hidden odors. However, the smell did not dampen his spirits in the least, and when the nurse opened the door and Zef saw Adoria there, blushing and cursing at the top of her lungs, he felt every road he’d ever traveled in life had led him here to this moment. He felt a sense of belonging he’d never truly felt before, and he clasped Adoria’s hand in his own, encouraging her to breathe and exhale and try to relax her body. Adoria gripped Zef’s hand so tightly his fingers turned white from lack of blood circulation, and still he stood by Adoria..”That’s it, baby..You got it..Just breathe.” A nurse lifted the back of Adoria’s shirt and injected her with a fluid that caused a serene, passive expression to float over Adoria’s face. The doctor yelled out, “Push!” and Adoria screamed and pushed with all her might. Again the doctor yelled, “Push!”..Zef craned his neck and thought he’d surely pass out as he watched a tiny head slip into the doctor’s waiting hands. Instead, he turned to look at Adoria. He was astonished to see that Adoria now looked as if she might fall asleep. “It’s a girl!”, the doctor exclaimed, and all the nurses oohed and ahhed while Zef’s body went limp and hit the cold linoleum..


Zef opened his eyes and knew he was in heaven. A beautiful woman was rubbing a damp, cold rag over his brow. He smiled dreamily and the angelic creature smiled back. Zef closed his eyes again, but a nagging feeling would not let him rest-a feeling that something miraculous had recently occurred and he’d miss something vital if he were not to get up. Zef forced his eyes open and the rag left his face. Focusing, he realized that angelic creature was none other than his Day’Lee. Afraid of rejection but unable to help himself, Zef leaned in close and layed a hand on her cheek as he kissed her tenderly, shyly, yet passionately. Happily, he realized she was kissing him back. Time stood still until Adoria pulled away as the door opened and the doctor stepped in. “The baby,” she whispered. Zef’s eyes traveled over to the bundle in the doctor’s arms.

Onamara was handed to her mother, who looked down at her with love shining in her eyes. “Oh my goodness, you’re so beautiful,” she whispered softly. Then she looked up at Zef. Handing him Onamara, she said, “Your daughter..” Zef cradled the little head in one palm and with his other arm he wrapped the small body close to his chest. “She is beautiful. She’s amazing, Day..”


Adoria layed Onamara in the pink bassinet and tucked the covers securely around her. It had been 3 days since the baby’s birth, and both mother and daughter were finally home. Zef and Adoria tiptoed out of the bedroom and cracked the door just a sliver, then together they walked outside to the loungers out by Adoria’s potting shed. The stars twinkled high up in the sky and Adoria smiled as a teeny rabbit nibbled on the buffalo grass nearby. Sitting close to one another, Adoria layed her head upon Zef’s shoulder and sighed contentedly. For a while, Zef enjoyed the stillness and the quiet, but soon the questions he longed to ask began to make him shift about and Adoria leaned back to look up at his face. “Something wrong?”, she asked. “Well..I don’t mean to ruin the mood, but have you thought about what I said, Day?” She nodded and began to twirl a piece of her hair round her finger. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Zef start to tug at his ear. She laughed lightly, causing Zef to pause and look at her in a silly sort of way..that made her laugh again. Zef put his head down.”This is a game to you, huh Day’Lee?” “No, no, no..No, it isn’t Zef. You’re just ridiculously adorable.” Zef grimaced. She reached out and stroked his cheek gingerly with her fingertips and Zef closed his eyes. “I love you, Zef.” “And I love you”, he responded in return. “And I want you here, I really, really do. Especially if here is where you want to be. Mara..Onamara, she needs you in her life. And I need you, too…..but, I don’t know if I can handle you throwing in the towel every time things get tough. I have to know I can depend on you, as my husband and as Onamara’s father..Can I trust you,Zef?”  “I swear it, Day.”  “Well let’s just take things slow..between us, I mean. We’ve both been through so much..” Zef nodded and leaned back, looking up at the stars above. “We’ve got all in the time in the world. Right, Day?”  Adoria did not answer. She pulled her legs to her side and laid her head on Zef’s lap. He stroked her hair until her light snoring made Zef feel drowsy. Relaxed, Zef’s hand stilled on the crown of her head and he peered down to look at her. She was so beautiful. And so forgiving..Did he deserve her? He didn’t think so, but he vowed silently to spend the rest of his life trying to.

Night sky



One Response to “Part 10 Continued”

  1. This is so beautiful! So emotional… I’m nearly crying.
    I’m glad they are back together and hope that Zef really meant every word!

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