T.T.B.E. Part 9

  Dear Diary,

Can I really do this? Can I really go back and remember the things that haunt me every time I close my eyes..the things I try so hard to put behind me? ..But is this really about me? Or is it about Onamara? Maybe this is for the both of us..I want to share these things with Onamara someday, true…however, maybe I also want to face the past and come to terms with it all. It hurts that Zefania has turned his back on us, but even now I do not doubt that he loves me. Maybe sometimes love is just not enough to keep two people together..


         Adoria leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes…Again, her thoughts raced back in time…..

Eventually Atilio’s girlfriend did come back from New York. Turns out she’d hastened to find a replacement for Atilio during her trip and had no hard feelings at all when he broke things off with her. Akemi told Atilio that she was pregnant and Atilio was positively delighted! Soon, they were engaged to be married. Zef and I began apartment hunting together, but got lucky when we found an affordable slice of acreage nearby work. Akemi asked us to stay until she had the baby-she wanted us to be the god-parents, and of course, we agreed to.

 I truly could not have been happier for both Atilio and Akemi on their wedding day. It was beautiful-a small wedding on the beach as the sun was setting. The party afterwards was just as lovely, and Akemi looked just stunning in her red dress.Akemi's wedding day

After the wedding, life continued on. My doctor appointments became frequent, and still I managed to keep things to myself.


Atilio and Toshio

Atilio and Akemi had decided they did not want to know the gender of their baby until the actual birth. Atilio couldn’t hide his pride, nor his joy, when the nurse announced, “It’s a boy!”  They named him Toshio.  Right from the start, Toshio stole my heart. How easily he got excited-just a silly face or the sound of me shaking his rattle brought a big smile to his face. Holding him in my arms would sometimes bring about a yearning I couldn’t explain..A desire for something more in my life..Adoria and Toshio

By the time Toshio was born, Zef and I had already bought the property we planned to move on and we’d begun the process of having a home built.  Zef’s book had been edited for the last time and was ready to hit the shelves. Knowing the house wasn’t ready for us to move into, Akemi allowed us to stay longer than we’d intended to. This made me incredibly happy, because it meant more time with Toshio. Of course, at the time I had no idea just how long we’d be there..but having the house built did wind up taking much longer than any of us had thought it would-we lived with Akemi and Atilio for a good two years after Toshio’s birth. This allowed me to develop such a bond with him! When Akemi taught him to walk, I was there. When Atilio taught him to use the potty “like a big boy”, I was there. Zef and I even helped Akemi and Atilio teach Toshio how to talk, and when it was Toshio’s bedtime he and I would sing a lullaby together before he closed his beautiful brown eyes.


Akemi teaching Toshio
Akemi teaching Toshio


…And soon, our house was ready and Zef and I were all set to move. I couldn’t help but hope that once Zef and I were living alone again things would get more intimate between the two of us..
Oh, how intimate things got!

2 Responses to “T.T.B.E. Part 9”

  1. This is truly a chapter I am unhappy with. I am currently working on revising it. As for the pictures, I’ve asked many people for guidance as how I can go about editing them. Can you imagine my shock and frustration when I realized Akemi had the “green cloud of doom” seeping from her bosom?! lol
    so..like I said..this page is under revision..

  2. Lovely! I really like the bond between Adoria and Akemi. I also like the way Toshio is cared for. He’s a lucky child. I wonder how Zef reacted to having a baby/toddler in the house… I know he helped Adoria helping the parents to teach Toshio to talk, but that seems as far as his involvement goes. Zef has become a bit of an enigma to me now.
    Can’t wait to see the house…

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