The Ending of Adoria’s Story

I'll Be More Than A Memory

I’ll Be More Than A Memory

“Zef, we’re gonna be late! That’ll be the second time we have to cancel reservations at the Bistro!,” Adoria lamented, tapping her foot with a hand on her hip. Zef kissed the top of Onamara’s pretty head. “I love you schnookums,” he cooed. Onamara chortled. “I’ll take excellent care of her, Mr. Greaves”, said the babysitter; a short little gal with bushy red hair and freckles. “Yea, I know, I just hate leaving my little nooboo,” he cooed down to Onamara. The babysitter frowned and Adoria rolled her eyes and laughed from the hall. She marched over to Zef and tucked her arm in his. “As do I, pookie,”Adoria said. The babysitter turned away and made gagging noises, pretending to jam a finger down her throat. Zef straightened his tie. “How do I look”, he asked his wife. “Like my Prince Charming. Now let’s go, I’m starved.” Zef gave Adoria a playful, but sexy, pat on the rump and Adoria giggled. With a deep pink face and a skip in her step, she let her husband lead her out the door.


Screenshot-1009 Zef and Adoria laughed as Adoria dropped the keys for the fifth time in a row. The door opened and the babysitter stood there, looking at them with a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. “Had a nice time, Mr. and Mrs. Greaves?”  “Oh yes,” Adoria slurred. “It was just lovely.” Zef on one side of her, the babysitter on the other, they half helped, half carried Adoria to the bedroom. They layed her on the bed and Zef took out his wallet. “Thank you. I see Onamara’s already asleep. We really appreciate it.” He handed her the money owed and then proceeded to slip off Adoria’s heels. “Wait, wait, wait,” she mumbled and sat up. A rolling in her stomach made her think she might just hurl, but she ignored it. The babysitter gave in and laughed, then left to drive back home.

“Wait,” Adoria mumbled again, louder this time. “We have to tuck in Mara!” Zef smiled and took his wife’s hand. Together they crept up to the side of their daughter’s bassinet. Onamara lay sprawled atop the baby blanket, her head turned to the side. Zef kissed his baby girl’s cheek softly, and then Adoria did the same. Then they took off their shoes and dimmed the lights all the way. Fully clothed, exhausted, and gratified, Adoria and Zef slept soundly in each other’s arms.



Adoria read the last paragraph of the now complete Memory Book to Onamara. Her new project was to be a scrapbook of little Onamara’s childhood. Though she knew there was a lot that her sweet girl did not understand just yet, she read the Memory Book to her often.

Closing the book, Adoria looked down at her daughter and smiled.

   Happy endings really must exist, she thought to herself..Zef rolled to his side and looked down from the edge of the bed to see his daughter and wife snuggled up close on the bedroom floor. “Hey girls.” Onamara clapped her hands in delight as her daddy came to sit beside them. He picked up Onamara’s favorite teddy bear, and Onamara grabbed it. “Mine,” she said. “Oh boy,” said Adoria, though she laughed while shaking her head. Zef grinned and got on all fours..”Now Daddy’s gonna get you!” Onamara squealed with giddy pleasure and her ittsy bittsy feet carried her out the bedroom door as her daddy chased her on his hands and knees.

  Adoria stood. She walked to her desk and opened a drawer. There she laid the Memory Book, next to an old college graduation party picture of her and Zef. About to walk to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, she stopped when she heard the shrill ring of her cell phone. She raced back to the bedroom to answer it.

       “Hey a little fella here that’s missin’ you and wants to say hi!” Adoria smiled. “Hey Akemi! Lemme talk to that precious god-son of mine..”



5 Responses to “The Ending of Adoria’s Story”

  1. I love the way you shared some of their domestic bliss with your readers. I had a big smile on my face while I was reading this.
    I suppose you called this the ‘ending of Adoria’s story, because you will continue with Onamara?
    The little heiress sure enjoys a lot of love and attention during her upbringing. 🙂

  2. Dear Didi,
    I am going to link to your blog on my site, but unfortunately I can’t call it “Stop to View the Blossoms” as it will take up two lines in the sidebar. Please forgive me. I’ll try to make it “View the Blossoms” or “The Blossoms”. I hope this is agreeable to you?
    Bright blessings,

    • Sorry to clog up this page with my comments, but it actually worked… the link is called “Stop to View the Blossoms” 🙂 I am so pleased!

  3. Hi Didi

    I’m one of the commenters on the BPS thread where you outlined your sci-fi story. I saw your latest post there so I followed your link here. I just finished reading TTBE – I eagerly read to end and then when I saw your post about not continuing with Onomara’s story my first thought was “oh no.” I’m glad to see you decided to “persevere” despite your lack of readers. I’m not much on the fine points of literary critique, but I do know a good story when I see one and the twists and turns in TTBE had me “rushing” to read the next chapter. (I’m still not convinced that Zev’s not a total cad though.) Anyway, I’m glad I found your blog and you can be sure I’ll be back. I already bookmarked it. Fitzie

  4. Aw Fitzie, thanks so much for coming! Yes, it can get hard to keep going, but I have to try to stop thinking of how many readers I have and focus more on what I love doing to get the most fulfillment from it! I am so flattered that you like TTBH..and you may not be so wrong about Zef…
    I’m so glad you’ll be ’round here more often. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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