To The Bitter End, Part 1

Adoria Day'Lee Eulalaio

Adoria Day'Lee Eulalaio

 To The Bitter End

  October 5th, 2009

Dear Diary,

One day until Onamara’s due date and I cannot help but feel anxious to finally be able to hold my daughter in my arms. 9 months that I have carried her and I don’t know how I will cope with the separation her birth will bring, however I believe that Onamara and I have already bonded in many ways and we will be so close…..If only Zefania would come tomorrow..If only he’d get past all that is keeping us apart. Do I really blame him for being afraid, though? I, too, am afraid..but I am also optimistic. I cannot allow myself to think of what could happen. I have to be here for my baby..I won’t allow Onamara to be raised by anyone else-I am her mother and I’m not going anywhere..not without a fight. I’m actually surprised I have any strength to keep fighting..It is her that keeps me going and  keeps me strong. Tonight I begin the first pages of the Memory Book for her. Going back mentally to the beginning will be hard for me..remembering Zefania and I as we once had been..yet I cannot deny there were good times along with the bad. I want Onamara to know that even if her father is not with us she was born out of love..and I want her to see Zefania’s side as well. Perhaps it was his great love for me that caused him to do what he has done..



The Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip

August 23rd, 1990

  Zefania and I had gone to college together. We were very good friends by the time graduation day arrived. We were also both determined to be successful heart surgeons in our hometown Sunset Valley. After graduation Zefania and I moved into a two bedroom apartment together and even began working at the same hospital, Sacred Spleen.

About 4 months after moving in together, Zefania called me one day after work. He asked me to meet him over at the Sunset Strip..

Every time I saw Zefania I got butterflies in my stomach. Not only was he cute and smart, but he was absolutely the sweetest man I had ever known..

I waited for about 15 minutes before Zefania finally arrived, a little less than usual.

  “Day’Lee!”  (Zefania had always called me by my middle name.) “Sorry I’m late!” I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Hey Zef, what’s going on? Is there some reason you just HAD to meet me here when you know I have a seriously dull meeting to be at in..(I looked down at my watch) approximately 25 minutes?”

“Day, walk with  me.”    “Okay.” 

We walked for a bit down the strip and Zefania did not say a word to me. I began to get a little worried when we neared the gift shop and Zef still had not spoken. Suddenly, Zef stopped awkwardly and turned to face me.

  “Day, today I had a meeting with the publisher…”  His voice trailed off. I tried to wait for him to continue but got impatient quickly once I realized he was not in any hurry to go on. “Well”, I said, “is it good news or bad?”  “Both.”  “M’kay, well I’m listening Zef.”
“Day, he wants to publish my medical book. He says he wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a bestseller the minute it hits the shelves..”  “Then why don’t you sound happy?”

Zef kicked something I couldn’t see and continued to look down at the ground as he said, “Because I can’t be happy, Day’Lee. Not when I know I’ll have to leave you behind.The publisher says it would be easier for him if I lived nearby. He says that way he’ll never be too far if I need him…I never thought I’d have to move just to get this book released-I mean, never once did that ever cross my mind..but, well, you know how long I’ve wanted to do this, and this may be the only chance I get..Even if it is a little weird that I can’t stay here in Sunset Valley.”I watched Zef as he started to tug on his ear lobe, a nervous habit he never had been able to break, and  I tried to recover from my shock. I reached out and touched his arm. ‘Zef, this is bigger than me or what I might want. I understand that to do what you were meant to do you’ll have to leave me. That doesn’t mean that we can’t stay friends. Right?”  Zefania finally looked up at me. “I guess not. It’s just that, well, I don’t want you to think I WANT to be apart from you. I mean..You’re more than just a friend to me. Don’t you know that?”  ..No, this couldn’t be happening. For so long I’d had feelings for Zef, and I’d kept those feelings to myself, believing that voicing how I felt might cause me to lose the only real friend I had. Now Zef was telling me how he felt the same way and I was about to lose him!  “Zef, why did you even tell me that? I don’t understand! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Before…before all of this?”  Out of nowhere Zef’s face lit up. He smiled a huge smile and I rolled my eyes again. “What the heck is so funny?”  “No, no, nothing! Just, I have a great idea! Day, move with me! You’ll love it! California has the most beautiful beaches, the most wonderful waves…Come on, Day’Lee, you’ll love it!”  “Wha..What? California? Zef, what about my job? What about the apartment? You’re asking me to just pick up and leave?”    “Day, come on. I’m going to be transferring to a hospital out there. You can transfer, too. Only thing is, it won’t be just the two of us. Some old high school friends of mine have a house out there, right on the beach, and I’ll be moving in with them..but there’s lots of room;there’s enough bedrooms for us both to have space of our own. I know they’d let you come. That is, if you want to.”    “Zef, you at least need to give me time to think about it!”    “Day, do you trust me?”   “More than anyone,” I said with no hesitation.        “Then come with me.”


California Dreamin'

California Dreamin'

California..Funny how Zef raved on and on about the beaches and yet the first thing I noticed were the rolling hills, the bright green grass, and the lightly populated forests. Truly, I’d never seen a place as romantic nor as dreamy as California.


5 Responses to “To The Bitter End, Part 1”

  1. The opening is amazing! It sparkles instant curiosity and a desire to read on. I got confused about ‘leaving Sunset Valley and going to California’, but I’m sure that will clear up.
    I’m intrigued about the names you’ve chosen for your characters. They sound lovely!

  2. Excellent article, amazing looking website, added it to my favs!!

  3. I love the story line…great opening…my only suggestion is to separate the Paragraphs a little more. But besides that, totally awesome!

  4. Good story. I’m wondering what will happen to the baby. I will read more later.

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