To The Bitter End, Part 2



The taxi began to slow and I craned my neck out the window for a better view, but I couldn’t see anything other than an almost endless street and rows of trees. “Are we almost there?” I asked Zef. He nodded his head. The whole ride to our future home Zef had remained silent. Even on the plane from Sunset Valley, he didn’t say much.

I laced my fingers into his and received a shy smile from Zef. “I’m just glad I’ll be there with you.” Zef leaned his head back on the seat, closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. “I’m glad too, Day.”






Getting Into The Swing of ThingsIt didn’t take long after moving in with all 4 of Zefania’s friends to sort of get into a daily routine. Every single one of us had a job we had to be up early for:Akemi was a lab assistant, Ibbie was the head of a fashion magazine, Atilio had his very own restaurant and was the top chef as well, Xzavier was a line cook at the diner down the road, and Zefania and I had transferred to the local hospital. We each took our turn preparing breakfast every morning, and at the same time each day we’d all head from our bedrooms upstairs to the kitchen on the first floor.
Xzavier and I were the only ones that never ate inside with the others. We prefered to enjoy our mornings outside on the deck overlooking the pool. Xzavier was qBreakfast with Xzavieruite the character! Though I never really understood where the majority of our conversations were going, he was definitely funny and charming in his own way.
Akemi was very different from the others..Maybe she had more in common with Atilio, who was a little older than all the rest of us, then she did with anyone else. She was very quiet for the most part and dedicated to her job. I always felt a little intimidated around Akemi, as she was probably the smartest girl I’d ever encountered, but I couldn’t help admiring her. As for Ibbie..I can’t think of anyone more annoying. I noticed right from the start what a schmoozer Ibbie was, and I also noticed the way she looked at Zef. With her big breasts and big eyes and long blond hair I knew I’d better keep a watchful on her.
A night sky in Cali

What I really loved was the night sky in Cali. When everyone else was home asleep, I’d go running through the trails alone.  It was those times I’d allow myself to daydream, just a little…I’d picture Zef and I doing some very…tender..things. Only then would I put aside my worries that by taking our friendship to the next level I just might lose him forever.  Some nights, instead of going out for a jog alone, Zef and I would walk out to the beach together. We’d just talk for hours, telling each other our dreams for the future and not telling each other what we hoped would be our future…We never said the words, but there was this unspoken emotion in every word we uttered …It sort of felt like



One Response to “To The Bitter End, Part 2”

  1. Beautifully written! I would have like to see pictures of the housemates, but it doesn’t deter from the story at all.

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