To The Bitter End, Part 5

Don't Get Mad at the Messenger

Don't Get Mad at the Messenger

It was one of those hot summer days. Akemi and I had made a pitcher of lemonade and spent the entire day out by the pool, soaking up the rays. In the middle of a passionate discussion over Atilio, Akemi jumped up and raced out to the front yard. I peeked my head around the corner and saw that Zef had just gotten home from work. I watched in stunned silence as Akemi marched up the steps towards Zef with a determined look on her face. Keeping behind the bushes, I crept closer to hear what Akemi would say..  “Zef, I need to talk to you.Now. ”  Zef looked speechless. It wasn’t often that Akemi approached any of us in such a way. Zef began to tug his ear lobe. “What is it, Akemi? Everything alright?”  “No”, I heard Akemi say as I held my breath, “everything’s NOT alright. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard all those rumors about Ibbie and her boss, because I know you have. My question is, why are you still with her?”  “Uh, Akemi, I don’t see how that’s any of your business. Besides, I thought Ibbie was your friend. Why would you believe those things about her?”  “Oh puh-leeease, Zef, don’t give me that. You know more than anyone that Ibbie and I never got along and the only reason I let her move in was because she made more money then all of us put together and I couldn’t afford these bills on my own!”  I saw the tension like it was a live thing hanging in the air. Zef began tugging his ear even harder. “I love her-”  “There’s no way you love her, Zefania! You barely even KNOW her!”  “What are you talking about, Akemi? We’ve all known each other since high school.”  “Zefania, all you know about Ibbie is that she was the snobby cheerleader that broke all the jocks’ hearts and laughed when boneheads shoved you into the lockers. She didn’t care for you then , and she doesn’t care for you now..but I’ll tell you this…I think we both know that there’s someone who really DOES care for you, and I think you’ll regret it-maybe not now, but someday-if you choose to just throw that away for someone like Ibbie.”   Akemi tossed her head and headed down the steps with Zef  looking torn, standing there on the porch all alone. I couldn’t help it-I skipped back to the loungers by the pool and hummed a silly commercial jingle while I poured Akemi and me a fresh glass of lemonade.


AvoidanceSoon after Akemi confronted Zef about Ibbie, I started noticing changes between the two of them. I also began to notice Ibbie tossing me some devilish glares. She started to make me feel totally creeped out, and anytime I saw her nearby I started hurrying away..anywhere, just as long as it was far away from her. I guess that Ibbie knew how much I enjoyed my meals outside with Xzavier, because she made it a point to always sit there, right across from Xzavier where I used to sit! Come to think of it, eating meals with Xzavier wasn’t all she did..Her and Xzavier began spending a good deal of time around one another. Xzavier was sort of…okay, he was sort of dorky..but all of a sudden, that didn’t seem like such a turn off to Ibbie. They’d sit outside and read weird sci-fi books or go out to the virtual-reality arcade together. They even went to some Star Wars convention. I laughed like crazy when I saw Xzavier in his Darth Vader suit, but the look in Ibbie’s eyes warned everyone her hair in buns on the sides of her head was no laughing matter..  That’s not to say that it looked like Ibbie and Zef were finally over, because that’s just not the case. Sometimes they’d be curled up together on the couch, whispering so none of us could hear. Other times I’d see them in the living room dancing slow with soft jazz playing in the background..It hurt..I thought nothing in the world could break my heart the way it broke my heart to see the two of them that way..

  But I was wrong…I was so wrong..There really were things that could hurt so much more.


One Response to “To The Bitter End, Part 5”

  1. Aw! I love a cliffhanger. Your plot is getting deeper and deeper. Can’t wait to read what’s up next!

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