To The Bitter End, Part 7

It was foolish to think I could avoid Zef forever. Actually, it only took a whole night before Zef managed to approach me as I was about to head out of the bathroom.  He came to stand in front of me, blocking my exit, and hung his head low. He looked so cute and vulnerable at that moment that all other emotions other than sheer joy because of his mere presence escaped me. Gingerly, I cradled his chin in my hand and looked into his clear blue eyes. Zef smiled tentatively. “Day, please forgive me,” he whispered softly. 
 The urge to kiss him hit me like a jolt of electricity straight through the heart. I tucked his hair behind his ears and kissed his forehead instead of kissing his lips like I longed to. “Sure thing, Zef,” I said, and was rewarded by his low chuckle. Then he said to me,” I don’t know what’s going on Day’Lee or what you meant last night when you told me….well, when you told me you’re sick…but when you’re ready, I’ll be here for you to talk to, and I’ll never make you feel like I left you to deal with something all on your own ever again.”cornered

I heard the door whoosh open and Ibbie’s voice say, “Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone was in here!” I doubted that, but Zef and I both stood there and waited for Ibbie to walk back out. As she did, she threw a look over her shoulder at the both of us. continueThe moment she left the bathroom Zef picked up the conversation where he’d left off. “And between you and I, everyone’s right about Ibbie..I know that.”  “Zef, that’s ridiculous..None of us really know for sure if any of those rumors are true!”, I said, hoping to offer reassurance though even I didn’t believe a word of what I was saying to Zef. “No, Day’Lee, trust me…It’s all true.”  “If it is then why are you still with her?”  Zef cradled the back of his neck and reached up to tug his ear lobe, but I grabbed his hand and held it in mine. “Talk to me.”       

 “Ibbie says she’s pregnant.”


Standing outside my bedroom, I leaned my forehead against the wall. I was just so tired of crying! I didn’t want to cry anymore! I squeezed my eyes tight. I refused to shed another tear over what could have been between Zefania and I. When the unpleasant sting of tears in my eyes gradually subsided I became more aware of the noises around me. Particularly, I became aware of the sound of voices coming from my bedroom…Little by little I turned the knob. Finally, I swung open the door..Akemi and Atilio…and saw Akemi and Atilio locking lips! 

Akemi jumped from Atilio’s arms and looked back and forth between him and I. “Um, I was just in here, uh, feeding your goldfish AnnMarie..and..and..”  “And I told Akemi I should probably help her”, Atilio added in..”And then Akemi fell…”  “..Yeah, I fell..”said Akemi.  “And Atilio’s lips caught ya, eh?”   The uneasiness dissolved and we all began to laugh. Atilio took Akemi by the hand and they both left the room smiling.  If only I could be so happy…..

What's Up With Ibbie and Xzavier?

What's Up With Ibbie and Xzavier?

I was awakened in the morning by loud shouting. I followed the raised voices down to the living room and was shocked to see Ibbie in alluring pjs, shouting angrily at Xzavier. I stood at the end of the stairs, out of sight, and listened..

  “Yes, Xzavier, I DID tell him that! But only because at the time I didn’t want him to break up with me!”   “And now what do you want, Ibbie?! Either you love me or you don’t!”  “Xzavier…ugh! I just never thought I’d love a-”   “Go ahead and say it, Ibbie! You never thought you’d love a nerd, right?”  “Fine..Yes! You’re right! But I do love you! I swear it!”  “Then tell Zefania the truth..before I do.” 

I picked my jaw off the floor and crept queitly back upstairs to my room. I knew exactly what they were talking about..Somebody would have to tell him, and soon. If Ibbie or Xzavier didn’t tell Zef the truth, I would.


Ibbie's GoneThe next morning I woke up hot, sweaty, and eager to hop into the pool. I tossed on my swim suit and jogged out to the deck, but stopped short when I saw Zef there eating his breakfast. “Hey Day,wanna split these pancakes with me?”  “Definitely!” We both laughed when my stomach grumbled. I sat across from Zef and ate my share of the pancakes wholeheartedly.  “Want some lemonade?”, I asked when we were both finished eating. “Yeah, that would be nice.”  I walked down the steps towards the small juice bar, but then Zefania called my name. I turned to face him. ‘What’s up, Zef?”  Zefania walked over to me.  “Day’Lee..Ibbie’s gone..”  “Oh..” I said, trying very hard to arrange my features into what I’d consider a crestfallen sort of look, but Zef laughed and gave me a playful shove. “Yeah, whatever Day’Lee! Go ahead and do a little dance or something, I know you want to!”  We laughed and then I asked Zef why she’d left. “She told me it was all a lie, Day. She was never pregnant. She also told me that she was in love with Xzavier.”  A big smile came across Zef’s face as he said,”And then Xzavier told her off. He said he didn’t want a girlfriend that pretends to be pregnant just to keep a boyfriend. They both moved out early this morning.”  “But why did Xzavier leave?” I asked. “I don’t really know, Day..I guess just because he could. Maybe he’s just ready to move on, you know, get a place of his own and all that.”  “Oh..”  “Day, I’m sorry I ever let Ibbie come between us.”  I pulled Zef in for a hug. Reunited, and it Feels So Good :)“I’m just so glad to have you back, knucklehead.”  The love's still thereZef’s arms pulled me in tighter, and slowly his hands lowered to my waist……


Abashedly, we pulled apart. Haha, you're so funny Zef!

Of course, Zef chose that moment to make a joke..”You know..your boobs are actually WAY bigger than Ibbie’s..” Too cute..I just had to do it-Our First KissI wrapped my arms around Zef once more..When we kissed our first kiss, fireworks went off and angels sang..Well, in my know..


Don’t get ahead of yourselves..Onamara wasn’t just conceived on that very day!  But from then on, Zef and I were as inseperable as we’d once been. He also did sweet things for me, like fixing the sprinkler in my garden and helping me complete my butterfly collection I’d started with Akemi.Zef upgrading the sprinkler


One night, after working late hours at the hospital, I went upstairs and found Akemi sitting at her desk, reading a book. I did a double take when I realized the title of the book was What To Expect When You’re Expecting.  “Hey, Akemi!”  Akemi looked up from her book and snapped it shut. Sighing deeply, Akemi pushed out from behind her desk. “Hey, Adoria.”  Akemi“You look tired, Akemi. Is something wrong?”  akemi is something wrong?“Well, Adoria..Ibbie may have thought she could keep her boyfriend by lying about being pregnant…but I’ll no doubt lose mine for telling him the truth..I’m pregnant.”  “But Akemi, that’s great! Isn’t it?”  “No,’s not. Atilio hasn’t left that..that girl. She doesn’t even know about us! She’s taking some type of photography classes out in New York. She won’t be back for another month, and Atilio says it just wouldn’t be right to break things off with her over the phone.”  “Wow…” I couldn’t think of anything else to say..At least, not anything that could make my friend feel any better. “I know,” said Akemi. “I really have to figure out how I’m going to tell Atilio..” When I didn’t say anything Akemi picked her book up from her desk and walked towards her room. “Goodnight, Adoria.”   “Goodnight, Akemi……”



Day'LeeAs happy as I was to have Zef back in my life, I was sad that Akemi had withdrawn so much. We didn’t do anything together anymore. Akemi stayed locked up in her room. No one could get her to come out. Zef didn’t care for stargazing, and his book was nearing the publish date, so I did lots of things I’d once enjoyed doing with Akemi on my own. I convinced myself that all would be better once Atilio’s ex came back from New York and Akemi could tell him about the baby……


4 Responses to “To The Bitter End, Part 7”

  1. Oh! Really nice turn around! I hope Zef grows up a little. As for Atilio and Akemi. I feel for her, but I can’t really sympathise with him because I’ve never really seen his face.
    This is such an interesting story! Totally different from any other legacy story I read so far. Please keep this up Didi, I’m hooked!

  2. Moondaisy,
    First I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart-seriously..tears came to my eyes when I came to my site and found how you’d taken the time to comment on almost every single page. Telling and sharing my stories means so much to me..I’ve recently had a scare..found a lump in my breast..I’m very open about it, and this story actually was developed from it.’s like spilling your heart on a virtual piece of paper..It matters when someone takes the time to read it and comment..
    As for not seeing some of the characters’ faces, this was actually intentional..Their faces are meant to be easily forgotten. They are passing characters that soon must fall away from the story..What’s to be taken and remembered are the stories of each new “heir” throughout each generation..I also think this adds a touch of mystery, leaving room for readers’ imaginations to come into play. With Adoria, there need be no imagining..She is what she is, who she is, and she is meant to be seen completey, like an open book.

    I am thrilled you’ve enjoyed the story thus far……With each new “heir” I plan to incorporate just a small splash of myself-something I’ve felt or gone through personally…So each character’s story will be different from another’s.

    Thank you again.

    All my love-

    • Dear Didi,

      I’m devsstated to hear your news. I lost the address of this site (I have now bookmarked it) and that’s why I did not see this comment earlier. I hope you’ll get better soon!!!

      Thank you for explaining your story perspective. And thank you for sharing small splashes of yourself throught the story.

      Hugs and cuddles,

  3. I am sorry about the news, Didi.

    Your story is great and keeps me hooked. I’m so angry with zef, i dont like how he basically just got with Adoria becuase Ibbie left him. I think she deserves better than that.

    Keep this up, please!

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